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Electronic Cigarettes 60% More Effective Than Patches Or Gum To Help People Quit Smoking

Electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity over the last few years and sales have vastly increased since they arrived on the market. Many e-cigs do not claim to have any health benefits as in reality there isn’t enough research into the long-term effects of vaping using these devices but a study has shown that they are 60% more effective than patches or gum when helping people to quit smoking. Participants of the study attempted to quit smoking using no additional aid from professionals or any form of medical prescription they simply had their electronic cigarette similar to the e-cigs from Joyetech.

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The study conducted was led by Professor Robert West from University College London and when it was over one fifth of participants claimed that they had quit smoking traditional cigarettes completely, just under 6000 smokers in England took part so it’s a credible sample size.

The journal, Addiction published the research and commented in stating that electronic cigarettes could save the NHS millions of pounds spent treating patients in the UK who are affected by a smoking related illness. Currently, the concern is that the popularity and usage of electronic cigarettes could in fact re-normalise smoking but Professor West stated that this was something which is being monitored and there is no evidence currently this is the case.

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More research is required into the long term effects of vaping using an electronic cigarette. We already know the long term effects caused by smoking traditional cigarettes or tobacco from tobacco specialists. Cancer Research UK is currently researching this much needed research into the use of e-cigs long term. Smoking is the largest and most preventable cause of cancer and in the UK alone it accounts for more than one in four deaths.

If electronic cigarettes provide a safer alternative to smoking and help people to quit permanently then they cannot be ruled out as an option. Many who use an e-cig to quit smoking do continue to vape, using their e-cigarette as a recreational device.