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Eat This Much, The Automated Nutritionist, Comes Out of Beta to Put Your Diet on Autopilot

New free web app automatically generates meal plansto reach any desired weight in one-click, while catering to any dietary requirement 

Eat This Much, the automated nutritionist, today announced that it has emerged from Beta with over 23,000 registered users. The web app automatically generates meal plans in one-click to suit any diet, allergies or desired calorie intake, taking into account budget and available cooking time. It takes the hassle out of a change of diet when looking to lose weight, build muscle, change body shape or lead a healthier lifestyle. Eat This Much has produced over two million meal plans to date.

“Eat This Much is a revolutionary resource for my clients whether they are looking to gain muscle, lose fat or train for an upcoming event,” said Sam Robin, Owner of CrossFit Valencia. “By creating an easy to follow and customizable meal plan in seconds, it makes it much easier to reach your goals, while giving you the freedom of choice and ability to add your own favorite foods, and block those you don’t like. Eat This Much is like nothing I have seen before and I recommend it to all of my clients.”

Eat This Much automatically suggests foods to match one’s preferences based on height, age, current weight and body fat. It provides an easy to follow plan and is customizable to suit specific dietary requirements. It is responsive to what users have already eaten or are planning to eat via the lock system, making meal planning simpler. Users can select what foods they like, amount of cooking time available for each meal and even target specific amounts of each macronutrient (i.e. fats, carbohydrates, and proteins). Users can also add their own recipes and custom foods which hare then available to all users, so that every possible type of diet is catered to.

“A change in diet is a big shift for a lot of people and Eat This Much takes all the pain out of catering to your new lifestyle with an easy to follow plan,” said Louis DeMenthon, Eat This Much Founder. “Most people want to eat healthier and are willing to diet to get there, but they don’t know where to start. By telling us what you want to achieve, we map out the way through easy to follow meal plans customizable just for you.”

A powerful daily meal planner is available for free while an advanced pro version is available for those looking for long-term meal planning including weekly meal planning.

Free account features include:

  • Automatically create nutritionally accurate meal plans including calories, carbs, fat, protein, sodium, fiber, and cholesterol
  • Customizable to suit different tastes of individuals
  • Customizable price range
  • Cooking items cater to users with allergies
  • Create and add your own recipes and custom foods, while the generator will fill in the rest of the plan to meet your entered goals
  • Over one thousand recipes built into the planner, with the ability to block recipes you would not like to use

Additional paid subscriber features include:

  • Automatically  send users up to seven meal plans and a grocery list once a week before a selected  grocery shopping day
  • The ability to set recurring foods and custom settings for each day of the week
  • Automatically plans leftovers for large recipes  in order to reduce food waste
  • Scale specific meals to include enough food in the grocery list for your family members
  • Automatically use your custom recipes, which will be built into your nutrition plan
  • Save and print meal plans and grocery lists for future use

Pricing and availability:

Eat This Much is available immediately and a comprehensive free version is available with no ongoing commitment. Premium features are available for $9 a month or a discounted annual subscription. For more information, visit

About Eat This Much:

Eat This Much is the world’s first fully interactive and automated nutritionist. It is an automatic meal planner that combines foods and recipes into realistic, easy-to-follow, daily meal plans that match your nutrition targets, tastes, budget, and available cooking time. Eat This Much caters to any type of dietary requirements or allergies and takes the hassle out of mapping a path to your desired weight or new diet.

The daily meal plan generator is completely free, and the automatic weekly planner and meal plan calendar are available for $7 per month (with an annual commitment, or $9 month-to-month). For more information, please visit Follow us at and like us on Facebook here.

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