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Driving and Sound: Making Way For Quiet Luxury And Concert Feel

The first thing I thought after a rundown of the outside features of the new 2017 Lincoln Continental is that it was a “symphony of function.” Not only did it offer a smooth and powerful ride, but also it is looking to change the way consumers commute and experience music. Lincoln Motor Company has upped their game by offering power, comfort and cutting-edge multidimensional audio functions.

Power and Function

If you are looking for power, this machine comes equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine producing up to 400 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. You will get the adrenaline of speed, but the smoothness of luxury. Hitting highway speeds will not hinder any in cabin conversations, but instead will block out noise allowing for a normal conversation at top speed. Do not let the power fool you because its all-wheel drive paired with dynamic Torque vectoring allows for the driver to steer confidently and safely.

Quiet Luxury

While the outside frame of the car exudes elegance with a one-piece chrome grill, the inside will make you not want to leave. As soon as I stepped in the car, I took advantage of the massaging features it had to offer and was surprised to find out that every seat had different levels of massaging power. Those of you that spend a lot of time on the road, or have back problems will benefit greatly from this feature. The feel is identical to a massaging chair that not only massages your back, but also your lower body.

The Lincoln Continental is one of the few vehicles I have experienced that makes the back seat passengers feel like they have complete control as well.  Lincoln was not kidding when they said, “Rear passengers enjoy first-class travel amenities,” by offering them complete control over audio, climate control, adjustable sunshades, and reclining, heated, cooled and massaging seats. If you have a family or are simply taking a trip with friends, everyone will enjoy complete control of their personal space. This means, no more fighting over, its “too hot” or “too cold”, “too loud” or “too soft”.

A ‘Personal Concert Hall’

Perhaps my favorite feature of the vehicle was the power packed by the Revel® Ultima system. As an Audiophile, sound is very important to me as I drive. As someone who commutes nearly an hour to work, sound is really important to me. After meeting Grammy Nominated DJ and Producer Photek and listening to some of his tracks on the Revel® audio system, I knew that the Lincoln was going to change the game. It is built with 19 Revel Ultima system speakers that transform the Continental’s cabin into a “personal concert hall”. Having listened to different audio files through the Lincoln system, I am convinced that the audio is so good it made it feel like you were listening to it live. For $44,560, this “Symphony of Function” could be yours.

Get your hands on ‘Quiet Luxury” and experience the new 2017 Lincoln Continental.