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Dr Romanelli Launches Capsule Collection Inspired By Retro Coca-Cola

Made famous for re-constructing vintage clothing pieces, Dr. Romanelli,¶ÿaka DRx, is the latest designer¶ÿto partner with Coca-Cola to push the limits of fashion that¶ÿapplies the¶ÿdesigner’s signature hand to the brand’s famous iconography. Romanelli ƒ?? inspired from his¶ÿcarefully sourced collection of retro Coke clothing, selected from flea markets and vintage stores¶ÿfrom around the world ƒ?? is launching a 200 piece ƒ??Coca-Cola by DRxƒ? collection today, complete with¶ÿhis signature bomber and biker jackets, vests and cut-and-sew T-shirts.

Bomber Jacket

DRx’s fit with Coca-Cola is flawless and authentic; his¶ÿaesthetic is a mix of American heritage and modern¶ÿstreet-wear that, coupled with his appreciation of¶ÿpatchwork Japanese designers like Jun Takahashi and¶ÿJunya Watanabe, inspired his new collection of¶ÿwearable staple pieces, accented with flashes of his¶ÿsignature, vibrant Coca-Cola collages.

Vintage Gallery

Each of the 200 pieces is a customized item stitched¶ÿtogether from multiple Coca-Cola garments. His retro¶ÿfinds span a period from the 1960’s to 90’s. Romanelli says, ƒ??What is new becomes old, and¶ÿwhat is old becomes new; and what was conventional and common instantly becomes iconic¶ÿand rare.ƒ?

Motorcycle Jacket

Romanelli’s knowledge of and enthusiasm for Coke’s legacy is apparent.¶ÿƒ??Coca-Cola, as a brand, exudes such a positive aura – something that¶ÿhas resonated personally with me ever since Coke’s role as a title¶ÿsponsor at the ’84 Olympics in LA. To have the opportunity to bring my¶ÿown energy to that aura, and to explore new paths within the brand’s¶ÿhistoric design labyrinth, is absolutely a dream come¶ÿtrue. It’s equal parts retrospection and innovation.ƒ?

Darren and Kate

DRx, known for his ability to re-imagine vintage¶ÿclothing, is the latest designer to continue in the¶ÿtradition of interpreting this celebrated brand, while¶ÿmaking Coke as relevant as ever with a global style¶ÿaudience. ƒ??Through these collaborations, Coca-Cola lends its design legacy as a muse. By¶ÿoffering access to its vast vault of vintage designs, Coca-Cola inspires designers to use the¶ÿbrand’s enduring iconography¶ÿto create signature Coca-Cola fashion,ƒ? says Kate Dwyer, Head¶ÿof Global Licensing, The Coca-Cola Company.

Collection on Rack

ƒ??The Coca-Cola by DRxƒ? collection will be launching in October 2013 in stores across the globe,¶ÿincluding Opening Ceremony in New York, Los Angeles and London, Fruition in Las Vegas,¶ÿUnknwn in Miami, NoMad in Toronto, Colette in Paris, United Arrows in Tokyo, and Juice in¶ÿHong Kong and Shanghai. The collection features a mix of 200 vests, jackets, biker jackets, and¶ÿother designs priced between $450 – $1650, and traditional cut and sew T’s ranging from $35 -¶ÿ$50.

It’s The Real Thing Jacket

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