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Dr. Muhammad Mirza, M.D., Founder Outlines 5 Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Many men do not feel comfortable talking about what is going on — or going wrong — below the belt. Sadly, this means men are prone to suffer the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction alone, and do not realize how many new and straightforward options are available. Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t have to be an embarrassing or failure inducing situation. Did you know Erectile Dysfunction could be a simple symptom of stress, not of emasculating proportions?

Dr. Muhammad Mirza, M.D., founder of, has outlined the 5 underlining causes of erectile dysfunction in modern men. Realize that these sneaky symptoms are some of the most common contributors of Erectile Dysfunction, and are easily treatable at home. Dr. Muhammad Mirza, M.D. has put forward his top methods of treatment, which ensure confidentially when tackling this topic effectively, so that you can feel your best self again. No man should feel that they are confined to a life of dissatisfaction.

The 5 Underlying Causes of ED 

1.       Diseases affecting blood flow

a.       e.g., Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), obesity, heart disease

2.       Nerve disorders

a.       e.g., Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries

3.   Psychological factors

a.       e.g., Stress, performance anxiety, and depression

4.     Injury to the penis 

5 Chronic illness and dietary/lifestyle issues

a.       e.g., being overweight or out of shape, smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, diabetes, etc.

Top Methods to Treat ED

  • Medical treatment (of any physical or health issues such as diabetes or heart disease)
  • Medications/supplements (Viagra, Cialis, etc.)
  • Hormones (testosterone replacement therapy)
  • Psychological therapy
  • Mechanical aids (implants and vacuum devices)

About Dr. Muhammad Mirza, M.D.


Dr. Muhammad Mirza, M.D. is the Medical Director at Doctor Available, LLC, based in New Jersey, and the founder of  He is board certified in internal medicine and has had extensive experience as a practicing clinical physician.  His clinical experience is broad, including treatment of conditions in general medicine, neuromuskoskeletal issues, and other types of cases.  Over the years, Dr. Mirza has gravitated more toward men’s health primarily in the area of men’s sexual disorders, such as erectile dysfunction.  Upon seeing the need for a more private and professional form of treatment for such cases, Dr. Mirza has developed an online portal where patients can find U.S. licensed physicians who are experts in erectile dysfunction, men’s sexual disorders, and men’s health.