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Dr. Feel-Even-Better Teaches You The Art Of Foreplay

If there’s one thing men have trouble with more than anything else when it comes to relationships, it’s foreplay. We get it, you go from zero to 60 in three seconds and are ready to go, but women take a little longer to get prepared. Plus, studies show that more time spent on foreplay, building up to the sexual act itself, leads to better, harder, stronger orgasm.

First things first, make love to her mind. Over a relatively light, easy meal (you don’t want to do the following acts on a full stomach, and I think you know that), let her vent, talk to her about what is stressing her out, and just listen. Once her stress-levels have calmed, she can focus more on the erotic fantasy.

Next is your pleasure room. Never, ever forget about ambiance. Use satin sheets if you can, and don’t forget about essential oils or incense. Use liquid incense to avoid smoke in the room, and try scents like yang ylang and jasmine. Have some pure peppermint oil on hand to dab a little for her down there; just a drop or two will give her a slight buzzing sensation that will leave her wanting more.

Undress her slowly. Overcome the enemy: that pesky bra. You can even remove it with one hand, which will leave her seeing you as some kind of superhero. Slide your middle finger through the fabric in the back, and use your forefinger and thumb to pinch the fabric around the clasps together, and they’ll come right apart. Viola!

Next, tease her, make it last. Discover and explore and then re-discover each other’s bodies again. Don’t give in to her desires right away. She has a favorite place she likes to be kissed? Don’t kiss it yet. She asks you to touch her there? Do it. Later.

Focus on non-erogenous zones, too. Kiss her, lick her, bite her (with her consent, of course) all over. Don’t intensify the kisses as you move along, keep it soft and slow. She’ll want more, but keep it at the level you’re at. The longer she has to wait, the more burning with desire she’ll get, and that will lead to better sex and better orgasms. Try making physical contact using body parts other than your hands. Let your head nuzzle against her neck, let your chest graze over hers, rub your hips over the base of your hips but don’t let anything below the hips touch… yet.

Last, talk dirty. You should have been doing this throughout, but right before you two actually get down to business, make your voice low and tell her exactly what you’re going to do to her. Women love fantasy, and they love the idea that they’re going to be a part of one. Prolong the ‘play, and you’ll be in bed all day.

That’s all I’m saying, guys. These are pointers for what to do before you get started, the rest is up to you. Make me proud.

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