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Don’t Lose Your Mojo: 7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Keep Your Sex Drive Alive

Aging and losing your libido isn’t something you plan for when you’re healthy and in your 20’s. Unfortunately, your body changes as the years pass by, and it’s more important than ever to take care of it if you want all parts functioning. Here are seven ways to stay healthy while keeping your sexual drive in fifth gear.

Quit Smoking

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If you smoke, chances are you’ve promised yourself that you’d quit. Well, you’ve made and broke that same promise hundreds of times by now and still haven’t done it. What better time than when you’re struggling in the love-making department to put your last cigarette out for good? Smoking has a negative effect on blood flowing to the sexual organs, which causes blood vessels to narrow. It also decreases your stamina and makes you unattractive – who likes kissing an ashtray? By eliminating this addictive habit from your life, you’ll feel energized, smell better, and find that you’re performing better in the bedroom.

Lose Weight

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If the perfect Saturday night for you includes devouring a 700-calorie burger, a super-size order of fries, and a large soda, chances are you’re not expecting much activity in the bedroom anytime soon. Being overweight not only affects your self-esteem, which can have a significant impact on your performance with your significant other, but also increases your chances of suffering from blood vessel disease. As a result, eating fattening foods reduces essential blood flow to the genitals and will ultimately prove harmful to your libido.

Eat Right

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If your body becomes fragile because of unhealthy habits, your sex life will suffer too. If you’re trying your best to put those burgers and fries down while trying to boost your vitality in the bedroom, consider eating some fruits and vegetables. Eating five to nine fruits and vegetables each day is healthy, increasing your energy levels, raising hormone levels, and providing essentials vitamins and minerals that help you increase your sex drive. Among the best fruits and veggies, strawberries, celery, bananas, asparagus, and avocados are all known to boost testosterone levels in some way.

Stay Fit

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OK, so now that you’ve put the fatty food down and picked up a healthy serving of fruits and veggies, it’s time to get into the gym and work on getting that body in peak physical shape.  Not only does exercise help improve flow to sexual organs, it also helps with your self-esteem. Anything that makes you feel good about yourself will help improve libido.

Communicate Often

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The healthiest erectile dysfunction treatment you can do without taking medication is to open up with your sexual partner and express your needs. If you’re watching your wife gardening and a certain position she’s in turns you on, tell her. However minute it may seem, expressing how you feel about the little things throughout the day will deepen your intimacy with your partner when said out loud. Sometimes the problem is simply in your head, and getting it out in the open works just as good (if not better) than anything else you can do to increase your sexual drive. Always keep open lines of communication, no matter what subject you’re talking about and what it involves.

Take a Vacation

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Like mentioned before, sometimes the problem with your libido is in your head. If you feel you haven’t had enough time away from the stresses of work or the hassles at home, plan and take a vacation. Not only will this clear your mind, but it’ll give you a chance to relax your body. If you’ve gone on vacation with your significant other, make a list of all the things you love about one another and share it with each other. Close your eyes, picture making love to one another, and let the energy of the moment carry you both into the bedroom and dictate a passionate night of love.

Have Sex

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You can’t have a passionate night of love if you don’t try. Having sex regularly keeps your sex drive in fifth gear and significantly increases testosterone levels. As the old adage says, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Although this isn’t literally true, it does have some truth to it when it comes to your sex drive. Include sexual intercourse as one of the healthy habits you practice and it’ll reward itself in more ways than one. If you want to have a healthy mind and body with a libido that’s as strong as a 20-year-old’s, consider these seven habits. Not only will your significant other thank you, but your long-term health will too.

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