‘Til death do us part, from this day forward, we won’t even let you forget your anniversary date.  Let us help you give good gifts to good guys – and feel great about giving them.  DODOcase, the creator of the original book-bound iPad case, announced today its launch of GoodGroomsmen, offering curated, personalized groomsmen gifts – each monogrammable on fine Pergamena leather – in three minutes.




Highlighting DODOcase’s expertise in custom, handcrafted products and e-commerce, GoodGroomsmen provides an easy, thoughtful and quick solution to the group gift giving.


“Having identified an enormous market for male-specific gift giving, GoodGroomsmen will offer the best online experience for creating custom gifts, in minimal time for important life events,” said Craig Dalton, Co-Founder and CEO, DODOcase.


Featuring three main product categories: DRINK, CARRY and WEAR, with price points packaged at $50, $75 and $100 increments, GoodGroomsmen presents one-of-a-kind, personalized gifts and kits packaged with thought and care.  


Featured products include DODOcase wallets and key rings, Opinel Knives, Kaweco Pens,Izola Flasks and collapsible cups, Woodthumb bottle openers and six-pack holders, Soundergoods watches, Davin & Kesler cufflinks, the “By All Means Necessary” kit, the “Manly Picnic Survival Kit” and many other exclusive items.




DODOcase founded in 2010, has a mission rooted in preserving traditional crafts from extinction, and each product is handmade in San Francisco by talented craftsmen using bookbinding and sewing techniques. Known for its Original book-bound iPad case, the company has grown to include a line of canvas and leather goods, and continues to find ways to connect tradition and technology. Follow DODOcase on Instagram @dodocase, Twitter @dodosays, Pinterest and Facebook.


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