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Get the Facts on Men’s Underarm Health with Dr. Terrance Keaney

When it comes to skin care, we often jump to conclusions. Yes, our facial skin is important and ought to be treated with TLC, but so should the rest of our skin. This includes our underarms, which bear the brunt of sweat, body odor, and potentially damaging or drying products on a daily basis. The real problems with underarms, however, are revealed when things go wrong; dry, flaky, itchy, and broken skin cause a lot of pain and discomfort, especially if these often occur daily for prolonged periods of time.

According to Dove Men+ Care, most men (94%) believe that underarm health is important to them, but they don’t know what they should be doing. To solve this problem, Dove Men+ Care conducted a new nationwide research campaign to find out what they can do to support men’s underarm health and teamed with dermatologist Dr. Terrance Keaney. They discovered that almost all men (97%) think cleanliness and comfort of their underarms is important with about two-thirds thinking about it sometimes, if not more often.

In fact, they collected a whole host of interesting data from guys like you, and found:

  • 81% of men who experience underarm irritation say it impacts their overall confidence
  • 68% Agree that “I get embarrassed having to scratch my underarms in public”
  • 64% Agree that “It is difficult to deal with underarm itchiness or redness in public”
  • 59% Agree that “I am not able to focus or concentrate when I start to get underarm irritation”
  • 59% Agree that “I am cautious to participate in activities when my underarms are irritated”
  • 53% Agree that “Underarm irritation has an impact on what I am able to wear
  • 65% of men feel frustrated and self-conscious when they get underarm irritation

To find out how you can look after this sensitive area, and become more confident with your underarms we spoke with Dove Men+ Care and dermatologist Dr. Terrance Keaney, a Board certified dermatologist with specialized training in cutaneous laser, hair, and dermatologic surgery.

Why Your Underarms Need Dove Men+ Care

According to dermatologist Dr. Keaney, underarm skin has unique requirements because it is a skin fold, which is a hospitable environment for bacteria to grow. Unlike most of our skin, which can air itself out, our underarms lock in moisture, heat, and bacteria. Underarm skin is also at risk of skin irritation, which can be caused by any number of environmental factors, such as using the wrong products, shaving, excessive sweating, and inconsistent personal hygiene. Or, underarms can become irritated from rubbing against the skin fold. This may show up as redness.

While most guys know that we ought to be wearing deodorant, Dove Men+ Care found  men want their deodorant to have a dual purpose; effective odor protection while also being gentle to the skin, and developed their products to meet this demand:

  • I want a deodorant that makes me confident to expose my underarms, 87%
  • Having a deodorant that makes my underarms feel good is most important to me, 88%
  • I want a deodorant that provides me with benefits other than smell, 92%
  • I want a deodorant that protects me against embarrassing stains and sweat marks, 92%
  • I want a deodorant that makes me feel like I can participate in any type of activity, 93%
  • I want a deodorant that is both efficacious and gentle to my skin, 94%
  • I want a deodorant that protects me against odor and is gentle to my skin, 96%

Dermatologist Dr. Keaney recommended that if men feel they have excessive body odor or feel embarrassed by their body hair they can trim it, but he prefers his patients not shave to the skin as this can cause irritation. Instead, Dr. Keaney recommends using a body groomer to trim underarm hair into shape, so that you feel confident when going out. This technique should still be used with Dove Men+ Care deodorant for dependable results.

Dr. Keaney also mentioned that if you have any concerns about your underarm health, be sure to talk with your doctor, especially if it is a persistent problem. While it may seem unimportant, dermatologist Dr. Terrance Keany says you could prevent a much more serious and embarrassing situation by seeking help. All too often, he meets with men who let the problem go without care, and who come into his office with an infection or broken skin. Remember, your doctor has been it all!

Covering the Bases with Dove Men+ Care

When it comes to the more specific underarm related challenges that men experience, 6 in 10 are concerned about underarm irritation but cannot find a deodorant that prevents this issue. Over half of men (54%) experience underarm irritation sometimes, if not more frequently, and 44% of men believe underarm irritation is a reaction to their deodorant. As a result, over half (52%) of men who experience underarm irritation have tried switching their deodorant. Still, over 4 in 10 cannot find a deodorant prevents them from getting underarm irritation, leaving them feeling uncomfortable, frustrated, and self-conscious.

On certain occasions such as a job interview, a warm summer day and a date, men make sure they are wearing deodorant – Dove Men+Care said they were not limited to athletic experiences:

  • Occasions men make sure to wear deodorant
  • Job interview, 47%
  • Warm summer day when they’ll be outside, 46%
  • Date with significant other, 43%
  • Meeting new person for the first time, 41%

According to Dove Men+ Care, half of men find it important to wear deodorant in all seasons, with about half feeling it is more important during summer, but Dr. Terrance Keany recommends wearing Dove Men+ Care antiperspirant or deodorant every single day, regardless of weather. He also noted you can add a second application if you sweat a lot or you indeed on doing a lot of exercise. You should apply it after you shower, and ensure a thin coat is applied to the full area. Dove Men+ Care antiperspirant or deodorant offers 48-hour protection but is best washed off during your daily shower and reapplied in the morning or at night.

Dove Men+ Care antiperspirant or deodorant can be found online or nationwide in the grooming aisle.