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Did You Know, Cabidor Turns Any Door Into Extra Storage Space?

It s a creative, award-winning storage solution that transforms the space behind any door into a portable closet. The Cabidor is a multi-purpose storage and shelving system that cleverly and easily attaches to the hinges of any door to maximize living space and organize clutter. Cabidor’s unique design features an adjustable shelving and retention rod system that allows homeowners to customize storage space to match their unique needs. Cabidor has the storage space of more than five medicine cabinets and is ideal for storing bathroom supplies, pantry items, craft supplies, laundry and utility room materials, office supplies, beauty products, pet supplies and more.

Many other hang-over-the-door hooks and racks impede door closing, tend to be noisy, unsightly and can damage doors and walls. Cabidor patented connection system is completely portable, installs in minutes and is easily detachable. This makes it ideal for homeowners and renters and can be used in both commercial and residential settings it is even great for college dorm rooms.

Check out the video below to see the Cabidor in action:


Cabidor comes in 3 models, Classic, Mini and Jewelry and ranges in price from $129 to $199.

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