Men's Style

Day 1 @ PROJECT Show Las Vegas

Male Standard is spending the week in Las Vegas for PROJECT. PROJECT is the premier fashion event, exhibiting contemporary and designer collections from the biggest brands in the industry.

Here are brands that caught our eye on day one…


Forget traditional pocket square. BAFFI takes it up a notch and makes hand-crafted wooden pocket squares. Forget creasing and readjusting. These wooden pocket squares look perfect every time. They come in a ton of styles and are attached by a magnet. This is a must for any guy trying to take his suit game to the next level.


Mario Latorre caught our eye with their smart casual leather bags. The leather is “buttery” soft. You can tell that a ton of work goes into making these products. The greatest part about this collection was the nano-technology which makes their bags virtually water proof.


We loved the retro design of VEJA shoes. They’re a throwback with an ecological twist. Their rubber, cotton, and leather is farmed in brazil. This shoe is proof the eco-friendly can be fashionable.


W.R.K. which stands for Work, Rest, Karma is a brand from New York City. They view clothing as a tool that should be perfectly designed, well-crafted and beautiful.


Derek Rose is a London company who specializes in luxury underwear, nightwear, and lounge wear for men. All fabrics are designed in house. We loved how soft the loungewear was. It was like touching a cloud. Very comfortable.


Jason Scott was one of our favorite brands at PROJECT. Jason shared his story about creating a brand that develops everyday clothing that’s casual with a modern design. What’s most interesting? Jason did this with no fashion experience at all! Kudos to you Jason for having the balls to follow your dream.