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Dapper Classics + Old Try Collaboration: American-Made Limited Edition Socks

Finding a Father’s Day gift can be a challenge—especially for the dad who seems to have everything. That’s why we’re excited to announce a special collaboration between Old Try and Dapper Classics. Old Try and Dapper Classics teamed up to make a limited run of “Work & Play” socks. The “Work” sock is black with sky blue tipping and patterned with a white Old Try tool logo. The “Play” sock is sky blue with red tipping and features a whiskey bottle pattern. These socks are the perfect gift for dads who like to work hard and play hard. As an added bonus, each order comes with a cotton gift bag.

An Old Try + Dapper Classics collaboration was only natural considering the similarities between the two companies. Both are Southern-based family businesses that make Made in USA goods. Old Try, which specializes in prints and shirts, is owned and operated by husband and wife Micah and Marianna Whitson. Dapper Classics, a purveyor of fine men’s dress socks, was founded by father and son Fred and Harrison Rich. Old Try and Dapper Classics are committed to style, quality, and American manufacturing.

“Photo Credit: Old Try”