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Craft for Converse: DIY Techniques for Your Pair of Sneakers

Do you own a pair of sneakers that are too dirty to clean up? Do you see a cut or two on the canvas of these shoes? In case that is the only damage marks that they wear, think again before you throw them away. Every sneaker has a certain life span.

Craft for Converse: DIY Techniques for Your Pair of Sneakers

The Converse shoe seems to run for the longest time. However, once you start observing signs of wear and tear in them, how do you come to know that it’s time to discard them? Well, one way to check is to walk in them in a while and see in case they are still comfortable to walk in.

Craft for Converse: DIY Techniques for Your Pair of Sneakers

In case they don’t hurt and don’t tear up further, they are still worth wearing. Now that you know that your shoes are not yet dead, you can add some newness to them in a number of ways. Some of these DIY techniques are mentioned as follows:

Paint them: This is one of the simplest ways of redoing your pair of Converse. All you need is a box of paint and a painting brush to paint it with. Pick one or a few colors of your choice to paint the canvas with colors like yellow, blue, green or something trendier like fluorescent colors like pink, orange and more in their shiniest best. You could paint these shoes in a single color or use contrasting colors for making the sneakers look more funky and cool.

Glitter them Up: You can use something as affordable as glitter to create a wonderful effect on your old sneakers. Name the task ‘Bringing Bling Back’ and start with making different designs out of glitter. Stencil work also looks amazing with glitter. You can make the stencil out of paper. Cut a shape that you want to make on the sneaker using glitter. Then simply sprinkle glitter in or around it.

Pencil Sketches: Canvas is the perfect surface for drawing and sketching. And, all that you need is a pencil to draw a pattern on the shoes. You could make smileys or your favorite cartoon character or something else of your choice on the white canvas shoes. If you are sketching on a color other than white, you should use a marker instead.

Stickers: You can also use something as simple as stickers to make your Converse shoes look absolutely awesome. From things like fruits to flowers to more abstract shapes, one can use anything and in any combination to decorate the sneakers with.

Ribbons and Nets: These are the best to use in case you don’t want to put in much effort yet want your sneakers to look awesome. Ribbons in different colors and of different sizes can be used in place of regular laces. You can also cut them in different shapes and use them on the canvas of the sneakers.

Newspaper: Cut out the newspaper in different pieces and create a collage on your canvas shoes. This one DIY is simple and has a wonderful effect. You can paint the paper in your favorite watercolor as well.

Craft for Converse: DIY Techniques for Your Pair of Sneakers

These are some of the best ways to redo your pair of Converse shoes. The sneakers will look fresh and definitely will gain life than they would otherwise have until you would have painted them or redone their design.