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Country Style Spotlight – Thomas Rhett #AxeStagePass

Have you ever met someone that just seemed destined for success? From the moment they walk into a room, all eyes are on them and for good reason; they have that je ne sais quoi, that little something-something that emanates star power.  Thomas Rhett is one of those guys, you might say that he was destined for the stage, but it’s what he does off that stage that makes him a power player in the country music world; a place where music, style, and panache are competitive.  However, newcomer Thomas Rhett doesn’t play by the rules and he is making waves for all the right reasons; keep reading to find out how to emulate this rock star!

Country Style Spotlight – Thomas Rhett #AxeStagePass

Thomas Rhett is a master of standing out from the crowd, who in his field, are an incredibly talented line-up of country music artists – it is never easy being the new guys, but Thomas Rhett knows if he wanted to succeed, he needs to bring something special to his persona and performance if he was to make a solid impression.  That’s why when you see Thomas Rhett, he’s always wearing something off-beat and unique, but unmistakably him.  As much as Thomas Rhett wants to stand out, he also understands that being true to your authentic self is what people will remember.

Thomas Rhett #AxeStagePass

Thomas Rhett said that he had to write a lot of bad songs to pen a few good ones.  We can say the same for fashion.  It can take many bad outfits to find your own style and what works for you, but when you find that style, you will feel like a million bucks.  When channelling our inner Thomas Rhett, we fall back on his laid-back country style, which is the perfect combination of comfort and style – wear this look to a brunch date or a Friday night date without having to change it up.  We took this outfit to the next level by choosing a blazer with unusual and eye-catching elbow patches; Thomas Rhett said to make a statement.

Country Style Spotlight – Thomas Rhett #AxeStagePass

As Thomas Rhett is gearing up for a new album tour, we styled our outfit with our iPhone so we can listen to his music between shoes and added a leather banded watch so we will arrive on time.  Our watch and shoes match, to create a smooth transition, and rather than wearing a boring white shirt, we switched it up with a pale blue number.  If you are feeling confident, you can add a shirt with a bold pattern a la Thomas Rhett; he favors off the cuff shirts that have personality.  You can find many great styles in tailors, who can make an original shirt with whatever fabric you provide.

Get the Look #AxeStagePass

Whether you’re hitting up the festival circuit, flying out to SXSW, or just hanging with friends, 2016 is set to be a big year for music.  We will be channelling our inner Thomas Rhett by wearing our hair longer, and natural, with beards.  This is a man’s man style that adds an edge to what could be an otherwise clean cut outfit.  The rugged grooming of Thomas Rhett reminds us of music stars from the golden age of country music, and we love how easy this is to accomplish at home thanks to AXE at Walmart Experience the AXE White Label Forest fragrance, concocted with a high-voltage blend of pear, starfruit, driftwood and moss notes.

Country Style Spotlight – Thomas Rhett #AxeStagePass

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