Cool Magnetic Building Toys for Kids

During the holiday period we were fortunate to take a closer look at some magnetic building toys from the number one brand in the market, Geomag. The company has several products for all different ages from ages 1 all the way up to even for adults. This  cool sustainable brand is focused on green production and educational, yet fun STEM-based toys.

Here are some of the best-selling toys from GeoMag, all of which are available on

Geomag Shapes 

The Magicube Shape Set has 13 pieces. 1 light green cube, 1 red cube, 2 dark green half cubes, 2 yellow quarter circles, 1 white half circle, 2 wheel axels, 2 small wheels, 2 larger wheels – for endless hours of magical magnetic playtime for ages 1-5. The construction possibilities are boundless and your kid’s imagination will fly higher and higher! Build and play with Geomag whether you’re looking for educational toys or Authenticated™ building toys for all ages. Swiss-built Geomag magnetic toys offer families a wonderful way to explore concepts of magnetism, physics, and gravity – while engineering creative, colorful, and simply magical structures. 13 Piece Set: $34.99

Geomag Supercolor Panels

– The Supercolor Panels 100% Recycled magnetic kids building line is for kids to discover building with colors, Each colorful magnetic building set includes magnetic sticks/rods, non-magnetic balls, triangles, squares and pentagons. These STEM-endorsed eco-friendly colorful magnets allow kids to learn the core concepts of magnetism, geometry, gravity, and engineering. Geomag Supercolor magnetic building sets make great educational gifts for children. 35 Piece Set: $38

Geomag 760 RaceTrack

Build a racing track driven by the invisible forces of magnetism and gravity. The magnetic cannon uses the force of attraction to accelerate and push the spheres. The movement is generated without the use of electric motors or batteries Learn the basics of magnetism and use them to create controlled magnetic reactions. Stimulates creativity, imagination and intellect. $30