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Cool Cups All Natural Gelatin Free Vegan Snacks

If you’ve been searching for Vegan/Vegetarian Gelatin Free Snack like a “jello”, but All Natural with No Animal Bi-Products your prayers have been answered. Cool Cups are Vegan, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Dairy Free, GMO Free, with No HFC’s, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Preservatives and Refreshingly Delicious. Finally! a Vegan Gelatin-Free like “Jello” but NOT “Jello” COOL CUPS ARE FOR YOU!

Cool Cups All Natural Gelatin Free Vegan Snacks

Cool Cups,which are sold in Whole Foods markets and Specialty Markets throughout the U.S., are a gluten free, fat free, dairy free, GMO free gel snack. Among the many reasons you should try Cool Cups, is that they contain no artificial colors, preservatives or animal products (100% vegan) and are high in vitamin C . They are made in a nut-free facility. These 95 calorie-per-serving snacks are available in three different delicious flavors: Orange, Peach Mango and Black Cherry. The jiggly gels are made with carrageenan (or seaweed) and are fat free. The carrageenan gives the gels their “wiggle” and is also a sustainable resource from the sea.

Cool Cups All Natural Gelatin Free Vegan Snacks

“We are very pleased to respond to the many requests from our customers for a ‘on-the-go’ single serve gel cup” said Cool Cups co-founder Tom Mosk. “The single serve is the perfect all-natural snack for those people looking to make healthy choices in their busy lives and we look forward to working with many more additional retailers to offer this Cool Cups product around the country.”

In addition to Cool Cups being a naturally refreshing treat, they are eco-friendly. The Cool Cups team is dedicated to educating the masses on the importance of respecting our environment. To help with this mission, the company created The Cool Cups “Eco Toss”, a bean bag tossing game that can be set up at any public or private event. For every successful toss, Cool Cups will make a donation to an environmental organization that helps keep our oceans clean.

The next time you’re at your favorite natural food store look in the refrigerated section and pick up one of Cool Cups delicious flavors, Orange, Peach Mango, or Black Cherry. Hey, why not try them all. They taste great, and they’re a better choice snack for you.

About Cool Cups

Cool Cups are all natural, gelatin free, gluten free, fat free, dairy free, GMO free, high in vitamin C and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. In addition, Cool Cup gels are made in a nut-free environment. Visit for a full list of nutritional information or to learn more about Cool Cup gels. Tom Mosk, co-founder of Cool Cups, has a great story. He has been creating healthy vegan products for over 25 years. Mosk, a vegetarian himself, realized several years ago that traditional gelatin contained animal products. It was then he decided to create Cool Cup gels for people who followed a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or for those looking for an all natural, gelatin free, deliciously sweet snack . In 2008, he introduced Cool Cup gels as a healthy, alternative, vegan treat that everyone can enjoy.

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