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Converse Rolls out Sex Pistols Chucks

When people make lists of great anarchists, they may or may not include Converse. Or any large sportswear corporations. But now, the shoe maker is rolling out its first collaborative line of shoes, and it’s working with the lads who gave us “Anarchy in the U.K.,” the Sex Pistols.

You might think this is an interesting pair of shoes we’re talking about here. That’s where you’re wrong, mainstream. We’re talking about a whole collection of shoes. The Chuck Taylor All Star Sex Pistols Spring 2016 line sports no less than six shoes, so you can be punk—differently—six days a week, and rest on the seventh day.

One pair is a simple black hightop with “Born Nowhere” in tall white script. A couple other pair have chaotic slashes of color, sometimes resembling graffiti. The color scheme, overall is black, red, and gray.

Even though it’s the Spring collection, these sneaks are in stores already, and go for $65-$80. There’s also a line of apparel that is of a broader price range. Check them out at