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Completely Royal Launch Men’s Luxury Belts

Completely Royal is a luxury men’s clothing and accessories company founded in 2010, aimed to change how a man views his fashion choices. Innovations in accessories that we commonly see are limited to new patterns or colors, but Completely Royal uses new materials, fastening techniques, material coatings, and more to provide the most durable yet stylish clothing and accessories. Completely Royal’s accessories are not only keeping pace with the way we live our lives, but they’re also leading the charge.

Completly Royal Luxury Men’s Belts

Completely Royal belts ­do not have any holes. Instead, there is a piece of extremely durable plastic embedded in the back of the leather. The buckle uses this strip to fasten similar to a cable or zip tie. Since all of the pressure is on the plastic instead of the leather, you won’t see near the wear of a traditional belt. Every strap has size markings painted every inch on the back so you know exactly where to cut if you ever need to adjust your belt. Every buckle is laser etched with the CR name, and crest.

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What started out of necessity has turned into a passion. Completely Royal, amazing belts, an unbelievable fit.

Introducing The Businessman

Made popular on Kickstarter, the Businessman is a combination of Completely Royal’s best selling buckle with a smooth black strap. As there are no holes, this design is sleek and workplace friendly. The buckle easily mixes stylishly with men’s suits, and can be worn with or without an accompanying blazer confidently.

The holiday shopping season is upon us what better time to give yourself or someone you know a piece of Royalty.

The Classic Collection

This light brown classic leather strap is a unique and beautiful addition to any man’s wardrobe. It offers one-of-a-kind appeal and goes great with lighter colored clothing. Choose a brown colored belt to match brown leather shoes and wallets, or go with the classic black that adds panache to any outfit.

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