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Common Addictions Men Will Face In 2014

An addiction occurs when a person develops an overwhelmingly strong and harmful need to have something or engage in a particular activity as much as possible. Most people think that addiction only pertains to things like drugs or gambling. In truth, there have been addictions to all sorts of things throughout the years, and it looks like 2014 is going to keep the trend of addictions going strong.

Plastic Surgery

Many well-known Hollywood actors have already destroyed their faces and bodies in their never-ending quest for perfection. More young girls are now buying into the theory that they need to look like the women in the movies. It is becoming the thing to do to buy your daughter a gift certificate for plastic surgery when she turns 16. This will only lead to sending the message to your children that there is something wrong with the way they naturally look.


Tattoos have been around for a long time. For many years, people would have things tattooed on their body to commemorate important events such as military service, the birth of a child, a wedding or the passing of a loved one. Now, it seems people have begun to tattoo their body with anything imaginable and continue to ink themselves until there is no visible bare skin left. This trend often makes obtaining a decent job difficult, and most people are going to regret that Tinkerbell or barbed wire tattoo.


Women used to pierce their ears. Now, men and women seem to be competing to see just how many piercings they can cram on their face and bodies. In many case, this addiction becomes so bad, a person is unable to speak clearly due to the size and number of piercings in and around their mouth.

Substance Abuse

In 2014, addicted people will continue to die from abusing such drugs as alcohol, heroine, prescription drugs, meth, cocaine, speed, bath salts, ecstasy and many other legal and illegal drugs. Many people try one of these drugs with no intention of doing it more than once but then find themselves hopelessly addicted.

Cell Phones

People are becoming so addicted to the use of their cell phones that they forget the real world still exists. Despite new laws, people are still dying when they insist on using their cell phones when driving. Families suffer, jobs are lost, and lives can be damaged when cell phone usage is out of control.

Some people think these sorts of things are not really addictions, but anything that takes over your life in a harmful way is an addiction. If you or a loved one suffer from any of these addictions seek out the Florida addiction treatment center and resolve any issues you may have.