Cole Whitt on Reuniting with Speedstick, Success, & Being His Own Competition

We recently had an amazing opportunity to catch up with NASCAR’s very own Cole Whitt, driver of the #35 car. We quizzed Cole on his incredible achievements to date, and how he is able to compete as a self-confessed “small team” driver against the heavy hitters of NASCAR to set his own Male Standard.

Cole is supported once again this year by his loyal sponsors Speedstick, who understand the pressure men like Cole go through on a daily basis. Keep reading to find out how Cole sizes up his competition and accolades, sets his personal best, and uses his friends and family to keep him focused on passion and endurance. You will learn a lot from the Ginger Lion!


How does it feel to be partnering with the No. 98 Speed Stick® brand team again?

Amazing! It’s so rare to find such a great sponsor, and people who will sponsor you for the long run like Speedstick have; they signed me when I was just a rookie and took a real chance on me. Now, three years later our bond is better than ever. I’m excited about the future and so are they.

How did your success kickoff?

The first race in Daytona 500 on my first year – was really memorable, it was a big deal. Speedstick pushes the limits of what they stand behind and what they want to market for high pressure high octane sports. It’s natural. I’m me, and it’s honest, so we clicked right away.

What challenges are you looking forward to this year?

Smaller teams, that’s what makes it interesting for me. The sport and teams are so different and operate differently; our team sweat each week to perform at the level we do consistently. The week in week out is grueling, and we keep pushing forward, but the road courses I am looking forward to is the Indie. I love it all, but some races are more important than others.

How do you prepare for the pressure of race day?

Putting emphasis on myself and my performance, I let things sit on my shoulders, and I’m the leader. I’ve learned to accept what you get and make the most of the opportunities of where I’m at, but we can still do this despite not being the biggest team. I Step back and make the most of every opportunity., but I am learning to let more things go.

How do you feel about avoiding the 9-5?

I’m living the dream, but it’s a job, and it’s whatever you make it. In the past, I let racing become work and not something I enjoy, so remembering what I love and being in the competition and racing makes the dream come back to life. Embrace the right mindset and accomplish your goals with whatever you feel is important to you. This goes beyond the career and work and life and family.

Can fans expect any surprises this summer?

Absolutely! One thing I love about Speedstick is how much they understand that the fans come first and that they want to be put in the driver’s seat. This summer, I’m looking forward to meeting fans at Daytona and other race tracks. If you want to come see my team, you can visit Speedstick.com and sign up for more information. We have a lot of fun events in the pipeline.

What is your Male Standard?

Passion. I know what I enjoy and like and family and separation – passion enables me to do things I love and gives me the strength to see them through.

Speed Stick® is also on board to support Whitt this NASCAR season. “Cole Whitt continues to embody the traits that we champion at Speed Stick®,” said Bill Van de Graaf, Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Personal Care, Colgate-Palmolive. “In the last two years, he has impressed fans, teammates and adversaries by continuously stepping up in high-pressure situations. Achieving dreams takes courage when it counts and the Speed Stick® brand is excited to be at Cole’s side as he reaches for new heights. This is an exciting time for Premium Motorsports,” said team owner Jay Robinson. “Adding Cole Whitt to our program, along with the support of the Speed Stick® team, is another big step in our growth as a young team. We’re going to have a diverse mix of experience with our drivers, which, I think, is going to be a big benefit for everyone.”

Thank you to Cole and Speedstick for taking the time to hang out; we learned a lot and will be proudly cheering the team on from the sidelines!