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Cobbler Union Bespoke-Inspired Men’s Shoes Disrupts Luxury

If you’re in the business of collecting handcrafted, small batch, European styled shoes, then boy do we have a treat in store for you! Recently, we were introduced to a new collection of men’s shoes and we haven’t looked back. Brought to life by the vision of co-founders Daniel Porcelli and Santiago Pereiro, Cobbler Union fuses together the history and craftsmanship of leather footwear and adds a unique, contemporary twist. Not satisfied with their exclusive, limited editions designs? Then why not create your own! While all Cobbler Union shoes are available in small batches only, you can work with their bespoke in-house artists to create the shoes of your dreams. And yes, for those wondering, these custom designs are perfect for gifting the man who has everything!

If you’ve never owned a pair of luxury handcrafted shoes, now is the time to rethink your closet. “Our bespoke experience helped us appreciate the unique relationship successful men have with luxury, and, specifically, the role shoes play in a man’s life. It’s our strong belief that beautifully crafted quality shoes have the power to transform a man. However, bespoke shoes, while extraordinary, are only accessible to a very select group of men. We felt we could do something even more significant to promote our wonderful craft and build a larger and more exciting company in the process,” says CEO Daniel Porcelli. With this in mind, Cobbler Union are setting a Male Standard by introducing bespoke-inspired footwear at affordable prices, making them a luxury the every man can enjoy. This is definitely a brand to watch.

Cobbler Union Presents William II

Of the Cobbler Union Oxford Collection, we decided after much deliberation on the William II. This is Cobbler Unions more traditional Oxford style and boasts everything you would expect of a bespoke namesake. With fine stitching and hand buffed leather, the William II is a classic staple that can be worn both casually or dressed up for more fitting occasions. Wear with jeans and a blazer for an afternoon outing, or with a suit for an easy confident style in the workplace and beyond. Available exclusively from Cobbler Union online, and in Jamaican Brown, William II are rich in color and history. Each pair is handcrafted down to the soles and are built to last. And like any great Oxford should be, these are superbly comfortable to wear.

Cobbler Union Bespoke Men’s Shoes Disrupts Luxury

Trying to stay as true to bespoke as possible, Cobbler Union creates their shoes in small batches. “We wanted to replicate the uniqueness of the bespoke experience. Our small batch production process offers a more diverse product line, run special limited editions, and introduce new products several times a year,” says Porcelli. Miquel, the company’s master shoemaker, is based in Spain and personally oversees every batch to ensure quality and consistency. “A real shoe aficionado will appreciate the quality of our French and Italian top grade calfskin leathers, the finishing of our soles, and unique details, such as our signature quilted heel. They will see our shoes and know they are getting a phenomenal luxury shoe for a half to third of the price of what they are used to for this kind of product.”

The Male Standard Verdict

Cobbler Union handcrafts shoes that every man covets. Quite simply, they are a Male Standard essential pick; at least one pair should grace the closet of every man in this great country. From their incredibly striking design, to the fascinating attention to detail, you would be hard pushed to find a superior shoe, period. Cobbler Union have proven themselves to be a rare treat, and the William II Oxford Edition is as comfortable to wear as it is on the eyes. This is thanks to the plush, pillow lining inside that feels like you’re walking on clouds, and the solid craftsmanship that is evident inside and out. The fine stitching extends to the outside of the shoe to timeless and classic design that most men will appreciate. These certainly do turn heads for all the right reasons!

Cobbler Union – Oxford William II

Each pair comes in a separate velvet bag, which is entirely useful as it is decadent. As you can see (top above), the soles are rather remarkable and have been polished fit for a King. The velvet maintains this sheen when not in use, and makes these an ideal gift for the disconcerting gent. All quality shoes are built to last a lifetime with little more than some TLC and a good shine now and then. Male Standard has always advocated that every man should own a pair of Oxfords, and we can say with the highest level of confidence that pair should be a Cobbler Union. Whether you decide to try on the William II’s for yourself or are drawn to one of their many other handcrafted designs, we know you’ll find something spectacular to bring home. Suffice to say, these are very much Male Standard approved!

About Cobbler Union

Anchored on the ridiculously high-quality standards of bespoke shoemaking, we’re madly obsessed with making shoes the right way. All of our shoes are made in Spain – the country with one of the longest traditions in high-end shoemaking. With a co-founder and our master shoemaker living in Spain, Cobbler Union oversees and controls 100% of the design, development, production and quality control processes. The Cobbler Union collection is the conclusion of months of rigorous product development. From the last, to the shank, to the heel cup, every part of the shoe was assessed and refined. Blending British style, French sophistication and Spanish craftsmanship we express our spirit by combining iconic classics with a collection of contemporary creations offered from our unique perspective.

To view the full collection or to order exclusively, please visit Cobbler Union.