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Climbing The Corporate Ladder: Five Steps For Your New Job

Congratulations and welcome to the land of opportunity. Getting a job is only one of the many hurdles in climbing corporate ladders. Indeed, every person’s career goals will be different. Regardless of how far you want to go, the following five steps will be absolutely essential for a positive work experience and setting you apart as a go-getter!

Dressing the Part

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Once people get to know you, they will begin to look past the clothing, but they won’t want to get to know you if they can’t get past the first impression. Make sure you are well dressed and looking sharp. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are several good clothing options online. Particularly, has a wide variety for just about any job type at a really good price.

Wear a Smile

When entering a new workplace, it’s easy to keep your guard up. This most often puts off a negative vibe and the resulting first impression will be much more negative. Don’t be fake, and the cheesy fake smile is most definitely not in order. But a nice grin goes a very long way to presenting a positive appearance.

Look Up and Make Eye Contact

Looking down at the ground is very common for people when in a new place that is unfamiliar. Your rule of thumb should be to keep your head up and make eye contact with the people you pass. Making eye contact allows people to see your face and make that visual connection. Don’t underestimate this important concept.

More Listening and Less Talking

Do a lot more listening than talking and people will feel comfortable with you much faster. People have a tendency to want to talk about themselves and their interests, so when you do talk, ask questions about them and listen. Find out what your employers like and try to bring that up in a conversation when the opportunity presents itself.

Use Good Posture

People with bad posture have a tendency to be overlooked as lazier and less confident. Make sure you walk and stand with excellent posture and when sitting, do not slump in the chair. This is noticed, even if subliminally.

These are five areas that regardless of your career goals, will help you in your new job. To climb the ladder, these are essentials to coming across as a winner and someone worth the company’s time and money. Master these skills and you’ll feel better about yourself and go places professionally!