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Cliff Dwayne Discusses The Time-Old Question of “What Is Style?”

This is probably the most asked question in regards to the way people dress and how they look. Simply put, style is the way something is done. So there is no straightforward answer to the question, what is style? Style is what you make it. There are no rules, boundaries, or limits when it comes to your own personal style. Style is mainly used to describe someone’s clothing and the way they dress. And that is where most people are mistaken. Style is not only the way you dress, but the way you walk, your personality, your scent, your smile, hairstyle, heck it even applies to the way you brush your teeth! Style applies to everything.

Cliff Dwayne Discusses The Time-Old Question of “What Is Style?”

Most people will tell you that looking good is everything, and if you look good you’ll feel good. That’s where they’re wrong. I’m interested in teaching you the exact opposite! I believe if you feel good, you’ll look good. Why? Because style is not only the way you dress and what’s on the outside, but it’s who you are. My goal is to teach you to feel good mentally, spiritually,and emotionally so that you can feel/look good physically!

Don’t be mistaken though I’ll still show you how to pull off today’s latest trends and I’ll keep you up to date on those trends. But ultimately I want to encourage and teach you to find your own style. One thing I really want to point out is that mimicking a particular celebrity’s style is not finding your style. What many people fail to realize is that celebrities have stylists, so what that particular celebrity is wearing is not even there style it’s there stylist’s interpretation on what that certain celebrities look should be. Also, some people are also confused by the idea that if you take bits and pieces of different people’s style then BOOM! You’ve created your own style! And for the people who think that then you’ve missed the mark! Style is something you create on your own.

Cliff Dwayne Discusses The Time-Old Question of “What Is Style?”

Typically style in regards to fashion should be a direct portrayal of who you are. If a stranger saw you and didn’t talk to you, your style would be their first impression of you. So whatever you decide to wear just make sure its represents who you really are. Lastly, I love to tell people to”Wear your Confidence.” What does that mean to you? Be comfortable in your own skin. No not nudity. That means be you all day every day. Be confident, firm, and strong. Strong; mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and I guess you can say physically as well.

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