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Cleaning Gadgets for the Lazy Man

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” While this saying may strike a chord of truth, that doesn’t mean that people actually relish the thought of cleaning up. Most people–myself included–can be lazy when it comes to cleaning. Men, too, can be extremely lazy when it comes to keeping their bachelor pads, neat and squeaky clean. I’m not saying all men are but most of those that I do know, share this attitude about cleaning. There are a few exceptions to this, like my friends Peter and Richard, who are extremely OC when it comes to the state of their living quarters.  For other men who take laziness to the next level, here are some gadgets that will help make their lives a little easier and make cleaning less of a chore.

Robotic Lawn Mower

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Remember Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe”? When the catchy song first came out, it became a veritable ear worm that had many humming the tune. But the tune isn’t the only one that caught people’s attention. One of the highlights of that music video was a hot shirtless guy with ripped abs mowing his lawn, who ended up being gay. In reality, some guys are just too busy to mow their lawns or too lazy–perhaps from exhaustion due to work–to muster the energy to actually get this chore done. In fact, some would rather hire someone else to mow their lawn. Another option lazy guys can do is to invest in a robotic lawn mower, which will save them money in the long run, since they won’t need to regularly get part-timers to do their lawn. For the overworked males, this nifty gadget will allow them to catch up on much needed rest and still get their entire yard mowed. For the lazy but eco-conscious man, there are solar powered varieties that leave behind zero carbon emissions.

Raking Machine

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I love autumn with all its profusion of colors from red and orange to yellow and brown. Men–especially the poetic ones–may echo this sentiment. However, when it comes to raking all the leaves that fall during this season, this is where their enthusiasm ends. Raking leaves is tiring work, and coupled with the cooler temperatures make it a chore difficult to complete. Males might want to attempt to follow the lead from the guy in Carly Rae Jepsen’s video and go shirtless while raking leaves, but one brush with the chilly winds of fall is sure to discourage them. The cold season also fuels more laziness as it is so much more enticing to relax inside the house with a warm cup of hot cocoa or eggnog in front of a toasty hearth. The perfect solution to the lazy man’s dilemma of raking leaves is to get a raking machine. This cleaning gadget works like a vacuum cleaner but instead cleans your yard by sucking up leaves instead of dust.

Robotic Floor Cleaner

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Now that we’ve got the outside covered, it’s time to move to cleaning inside the house the lazy way. One of the things that make cleaning inside your home or your bachelor pad tedious is cleaning under furniture and other hard-to-reach areas. Having a smart floor cleaner can take this burden off your shoulders. What makes this gadget great is that it will scan the surroundings first before it starts cleaning in a systematic way. If you haven’t invested in one yet, you can check out sites like Neato Robotics so you can browse on features you would want your in your robotic cleaner. More advanced models are able to pick up debris like cereal, pet hair and other allergens, which would be great for those with allergies.

Men may not relish the thought of cleaning, but these gadgets should make their lives a little easier especially if they are lazy cleaners.

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