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Chef Michael Symon: How to Prepare a Knob Creek® Rye Brown Mustard & Malt Vinegar BBQ Sauce

As you know, Knob Creek and Chef Michael Symon have teamed up to bring avid grillers and Knob Creek fans an interactive web series demonstrating how to step up their grilling skills by providing step-by-step educational “classes” on how to create big, full flavor on the grill. You can catch up on the hit series, with chef recommended recipes here. Today is no exception, as Male Standard step up to the hot plate and learn how to master BBQ sauce. This is the quintessential sauce of the grilling season, but Chef Symon has a new and delicious twist we know you’ll love!

The newest, and final, video highlights plating food as Chef Symon walks viewers through how to prepare a Knob Creek® Rye Brown Mustard & Malt Vinegar BBQ Sauce. Whether you’re a BBQ fan or prefer something else, this is an essential tip you need to know. It doesn’t matter how awesome your grilling skills are, without plating up like a pro, you’re guests impressions may not be for all right reasons. The great news is, this tip is super simple, but will make you the center of attention as they come back for a second round!

How To: Knob Creek® Rye Brown Mustard & Malt Vinegar BBQ Sauce

As any true BBQ fan knows, keeping it simple is where it’s at! Watch as Chef Symon walks you through the steps to accomplishing big taste, without comprising your quality, prized meats. You’ll also discover where this sauce works best, and how to present those dishes to your guests!


Recipe: Knob Creek® Rye Brown Mustard & Malt Vinegar BBQ Sauce

Created by Celebrity Chef Michael Symon


– 1 oz. Malt Vinegar

– 1 oz. Brown Sugar

– 1 oz. Knob Creek® Rye

– 2 oz. Brown Mustard

– 1 oz. Chipotle Adobo Puree


1. Heat vinegar, sugar and Knob Creek® Rye in saucepan until sugar is melted and the liquid is reduced by half

2. Remove liquid from heat and whisk in mustard and chipotle puree

3. Store in refrigerator and enjoy, can be stored for up to 1 month

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