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A Celebration of Luxury Original Brands with Hennessy in LA

I was recently invited to dinner with three incredible and iconic brands whom I deeply admire; the first being Hennessy, for their luxury brand and longevity, followed by Rolls Royce, who brought with them “Dawn,” an inspiring addition to their bespoke collection. Last, but not least, were the purveyors of fine denim – The Stronghold. I was thrilled to see LA’s original denim brand be acknowledged.

The night started by taking a black car service to the Neuehouse on Sunset Blvd, an exclusive club where many celebrities often frequent. On arrival, I was greeted by “Dawn,” of Rolls-Royce, who was proudly on display and showcasing a rich orange interior to compliment the citrus tasting notes of Hennessy X.O. The smooth lines and charcoal exterior were sophisticated and accented the evening well.  

As we swept upstairs to the rooftop, I was greeted by waiters circling with two beverage options and horderves; the first was an orange accented cocktail featuring Hennessy X.O, and the second was a glass of Hennessy X.O with an oversized and single ice cube. I opted for the latter, sipping on Hennessy X.O as I overlooked Sunset Blvd, taking in the sights of downtown LA and the Hollywood sign.

Hennessy X.O: The Original ‘Extra Old’ Cognac

Later that night, we met Maurice Hennessy, the great-great-grandchild to Maurice Hennessy, and an 8th generation family member and global brand ambassador in his own right. He shared anecdotes around his great-great grandfather’s contribution to Cognac – a blend that was intended for just family & friends – and joined us for a relaxed yet intimate dinner.

The custom menu featured three courses, with each course sampling Hennessy X.O. The menu was a fantastic way to tour the tasting notes, and to better understand what the brand has to offer: my highlights were the lemon custard doused in Hennessy X.O, which brought out the citrus notes, and learning how to correctly inhale the aroma of Hennessy from the brand ambassadors.

The trick is to start by holding a flute of Hennessy under your chin, moving to your lip, and finally to your nose, to enable your senses to identify each of the flavor backgrounds. As the Hennessey moves closer to its final resting spot, each of the flavors becomes more pronounced and mouthwatering. Believe me, this “Extra Old” cognac is worth the anticipation.  

A Celebration of Luxury Between Iconic Brands

Also celebrating the evening as one of three classic brands was The Stronghold: The Original Denim Brand. Considered LA’s original denim brand dating back to 1895, The Stronghold was made famous by Charlie Chaplin and continues to move beyond denim to offer a variety of specialty and luxury goods exclusively made in the U.S. They were an excellent choice in highlighting American craft brands.

Rolls-Royce also shared the story of “Dawn;” who’s name perfectly suggests the fresh opportunities that every new day holds – an awakening, an opening up of one’ s senses and a burst of sunshine. In its tentative, inchoate, anticipatory state, dawn is the world coming to light from the ethereal dark of the night, awakening the senses and passions as the day begins.

Together, these brands represent the best of the best and showcase luxury, commitment, dedication and a sense of purpose that is second to none. Icons are not born overnight. One thing I learned is that success is about how you compose yourself over the distance. Life isn’t a sprint, but a marathon that requires finesse, composure, and a confident outlook if you want to succeed.

To celebrate these iconic brands, raise a glass at home; Hennessy XO comes in a 70 cl bottle and is 40 % ABV. You can find Hennessy X.O at select retailers across the nation or visit Please drink responsibly.