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Men’s fitness blog with training tips, product reviews and overall advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat well. Male Standard believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to everything else in life.

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Fitness Supplement Myths

Take this product and you’ll look like the person (paid fitness/body building model) advertising it; All supplements work for everyone; If I take supplements I don’t need to work out as much; Supplements will give me huge gains in a very short time. Myths The above are just to name […]

Health & Fitness, Men's Lifestyle

Win a Jordan Hoffart Product Giveaway

Sign up now for the MaleStandard Newsletter and we’ll automatically enter you to win a one of two Exclusive giveaway prize packages, complements of Jordan Hoffart and MaleStandard! Grand Prize Giveaway A Jordan Hoffart Custom Signature Pro Deck Hoffart Signature Bones “Pamala” Wheel – 35, NEFF Beanie Powell Peralta Mini-Logo […]