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Captain Morgan’s Limited Edition Sherry Oak Finish

Back in 1671, Captain Henry Morgan led the largest invasion in history off the shores of Panama. Loaded with loot, five ships were lost on the bottom of the Caribbean, including his flagship, The Satisfaction. This limited edition spiced rum commemorates Morgan’s legendary battle in Panama with a sherry oak finish for a rich and flavourful take on Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.

The Crewe at Male Standard undertook a journey to conquer the new limited edition sherry oak finish to see if it commands your seal of approval!

Introducing the Limited Edition Captain Morgan Spiced Sherry Oak Finish

What You Get: An authentic and charming themed and commemorative bottle design, in which Captain Morgan Sherry Oak Finish Spiced Rum possesses highly detailed, metallic label with intricate embossing. As the liquid leaves the bottle, commemorative artwork and a synopsis of Morgan’s 1671 victory in Panama are revealed on the backside of the label. The rum is deep in colour and flavour, and quickly became a real crowd pleaser.

What Does Captain Morgan Sherry Oak Rum Taste Like?

Nose:  Vanilla, Dark Cherry, and Oak with a hint of molasses, raisin, toffee, and dried fruit

Taste:  Oak, sherry wine, vanilla, caramel, dark cherry, cocoa with a slight floral undertone

Finish: Subtly sweet, short finish with medium complexity

The sherry is the first smell and taste to hit your palette, with its unrelenting signature take on the Morgan’s classic. We were hesitant at first with the choice, but quickly found this to be a great deal of fun, and really adds something extra. The cherry infusion comes in second, and lingers for a sweet aftertaste that is perfect served on the rocks or with cola. In the rum, you also pick up the sweetness of the molasses, toffee, and vanilla, which is prolonged by the sweet fruit and slightly floral undertone as you swig.

This is not a refined rum by any means, and is not a fancy sample that you would want to pull out for major life events, but if you’re in the mood to celebrate and can want to throw around pirate slurs with your buddies then we highly recommend having a bottle on hand. The very nature and history lends this well to swigging heartily and singing songs from the seven seas and was appreciated in the context it would have been drunk in 1671, into victory.

Did Captain Morgan Win Our Seal of Approval?

While we can’t guarantee Keira Knightley will be stowing away in your undercarriage, we can tell you Captain Morgan would be proud. This is punchy, fun rum commands your attention and is a strong contender for best mixed with cola. The cherry is there, right after the sherry infusion, and we love that you still get the same kick as the Classic Morgan’s Spiced Rum only with something new and exciting.

If you’re looking for a great icebreaker this July 4, then we recommend putting a bottle on ice to serve as is to guests!

Captain Morgan’s Sherry Oak Spice Finish Rum Will Be Available for a Limited Time For $19.99. For More Information, Please Visit Www.Captainmorgan.Com