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Male Standard & Captain Morgan Go #FullCaptain for Mardi Gras MVP

Thank you to Captain Morgan for hosting our trip to New Orleans as finalists in their Most Valuable Partier competition. This is our editorial with our opinions on our experience. Drink responsibly!  

As you may know, Male Standard was chosen as a finalist as part of a nationwide competition where we challenged you to audition for a chance to become the MVP – the Most Valuable Partier – with Captain Morgan. Johnny, our nominee, arrived in New Orleans to spend time with the Captain and his band of merry marching men, to learn more about what makes an MVP, and to find out what delicious treats he had hidden below deck. Without further ado, this is what we got up to!


MVP Johnny celebrates with Captain Morgan in Mardi Gras for Male Standard 

One of the highlights of our trip was the moment the Captain crowned us with our own pirates hat and costume so we could be the key players of the marching band. As he placed the hat on Johnny’s head, he told him that he was a “Captain in training;’ certainly big boots to fill! However, once the full costume was in place, a few Cannon Ball blasts were enjoyed, and the confidence to let our inner pirate free kicked in. The Captain promoted Johnny and said, “You’ve gone full Captain!”

You can check out Johnnys awesome submission below, thank you to everyone who entered!

Check out our nominee for the @captainmorganusa Mardi Gras MVP. Johnny Cisneros goes #FullCaptain with his very own pirate tune made for the Captain himself. Listen as Johnny shows why he’s the Most Valuable Partier

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Keep reading to find out why this was such a high accolade, and what it means to go #FullCaptain…

Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum! 

As the locals say, “it’s just another day everywhere else,” but in New Orleans, the revelry is heating up. Everywhere you look, green gold and purple banners trapeze through old wrought iron shutters; banners, plaques, and masks hang from every conceivable ledge making the French Quarters look like Christmas morning of yesteryear, but it’s the band of merry men that are causing the commotion this evening. Out of nowhere, we turn the corner and greet the crowds with shock and awe as the Captain lead the way.

Male Standard & Captain Morgan Go #FullCaptain for Mardi Gras MVP

The Captain Morgan Swag and Glam Squad follow in hot pursuit as The Morgan’s March ebbed and flowed through the Quarters and into a legendary bar crawl through New Orleans’ most prestige nooks. Stopping in at various bars, we shared the spirit of the Captain with the good patrons who fawned over the main man, much like the maidens of folklore might have done as the Captain’s ship pulled into port for a few short days.

No expense was spared as we were treated to every opportunity to cavort and galavant with the finest crew on land, sea, or air! To get us in the party mood, we warmed up with a few Captain Morgan Cannon Ball Blasts. These totally got us in the mood to have a great time and is far from your average rum. It has a delicious sweet citrus twist that has a hint of warmed spice. These left us feeling warm and ready for whatever the night threw at us, which is a lot during Mardi Gras!

Go Full Captain!

When it comes to Mardi Gras, no expense is spared! From the millions of throws to the decadent costumes, locals and travelers alike get into the spirit day and night. No Mardi Gras would be complete without a costume, and we jumped at the chance to don the classic red robes of The Captain in his marching band. Getting to wear the jacket and hat made us feel like a million bucks, but it wasn’t until the warm glow radiated that we felt the confidence to step into the spotlight.

Armed with beads and a wild abandon, we learned what it means to go #FullCaptain. Suddenly, things we never imagined doing were possible. People lined up to see us, talk to us, and take shots with us. It was a completely surreal experience, and over much too soon. It’s hard to describe, but you want to bask in every moment. The Captain led us into victory, and as the bar crawl came to a close, we knew that it was a night none of us could never forget; we galavanted, pledged our brotherhood, and had a blast!

Male Standard & Captain Morgan Go #FullCaptain for Mardi Gras MVP

The next morning, we lived what it would feel to be part of the Captain’s crew and took the good advice of friend’s and had a hair of the dog to put the wind back in our sails. Looking back, the roller coaster ride was worth every second, and we felt like the MVP as we took in the sights and sounds of Mardi Gras. We learned there is so much more to a good party than the spectacle, it’s the people you meet along the way, and those Cannon Ball Blasts are he perfect ice breaker for talking to new people.

Be Your Own MVP

Carnival season still has a few days left, and we want you to enjoy every moment. To get into the Mardi Gras spirit at home, check out Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and host your own pirate themed night. We know once you don the hat, you’ll be cussing like a sailor and getting into trouble with the local wenches in no time. One thing we all learned is that we can all be the Most Valuable Partier with a few simple steps – smile, start conversations, and share in the revelry and spirit!

We also wanted to give a huge thank you to Captain Morgan and their amazing crew for putting Johnny up in New Orleans, and treating us like an MVP! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and we couldn’t have been happier with the crew, the experience, and the chance to enjoy Captain Morgan Cannon Ball Blasts; we’re going to take the spirit of what it means to go #FullCaptain into everything we do this year, and had a “blast” getting to walk a mile in the Captain’s boots!

Follow the revelry and get the inside scoop at @CaptainMorganUSA.