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Captain Morgan Launches “Workout” Video

JUST IN TIME for New Year’s resolutions, Captain Morgan rum released its own “fitness” infomercial on January 5, viewable on YouTube. The Captain Morgan Workout routine is part of a series of humorous ads featuring The Captain and capitalizing on our current appreciation of Old Spice Guy-style humor.

The Workout ad, modeled after cheesy infomercials touts the benefits of striking the Captain Morgan pose (think left leg lifted as if standing on a keg, left hand resting victoriously on same leg) over and over and over again. Does it work? Says “Katie,” “I’m an actress, and I used to play the cute girl. Now I play the really cute girl.”

But the good Captain isn’t just having fun. The new ad is part of Captain Morgan’s One Million Poses campaign: People 21 and over are given the opportunity to upload pictures of themselves doing “the Pose” to the Captain Morgan USA Facebook page. For each pose posted, Captain Morgan will donate $1 (up to $1,000,000) to the First Mate Fund, benefiting charities that support responsible drinking and other community-based programs.