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Captain Henry Morgan’s Real-Life Adventures Inspire Second Episode of Trilogy Ad Campaign

Today is National Rum Day! To celebrate, Captain Morgan is introducing viewers to a never-before-seen side of the Captain (and his crew!) through the second episode of its advertising Trilogy, titled “For Gold & Glory.” The spot will premiere this Sunday, August 18, during a new episode of AMC’s award-winning TV drama Breaking Bad. Beginning today, you can view a sneak peek of the entire “Gold & Glory” adventure at: Captain Morgan “Chapter Two: For Gold and Glory”


From the Barber to the Maidens to the Navigator, Morgan had an eclectic crew aboard his Flagship, The Satisfaction, during his many adventures. Directed by Academy Award-nominated director Todd Field, “For Gold & Glory” picks up where the first episode, “Perfect Getaway” left off. The episode follows Morgan and his crew on their search for the cave depicted on the rescued prisoner’s back, where they believe the loot lies. In a stroke of genius, Morgan utilizes a colony of bats to lead him to the cave and, hopefully, gold and glory. Whether or not someone else is after the loot will be unveiled in 2014 when the final episode of the Trilogy, “Fire Ship,” premieres.

The Captain’s Crew


The Perfect Getaway


To support the premiere of “For Gold & Glory,” Captain Morgan launched an official Twitter handle, @CaptainMorganUS. Tag Captain Morgan and use the hashtag #chooseadventure to share their thoughts on the new episodes, or leave a comment below.