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Butterfinger Kicks Off Its Bolder Than Bold Campaign By Skydiving Over NorCal

Butterfingers are delicious. That’s probably an uncontroversial statement. You’ve probably had many friends over the years who’ve enjoyed them. But because of their crunch, they kind of fall apart and stick to your teeth. Hey, that’s not us picking a fight here: the company’s press materials say the same thing.

What Butterfinger calls that is “bold.” Bold and in your face. Literally. It’s going to be advertising during the Big Game and thus introducing its boldness campaign.

To announce all of this, it needed something at least ten times bolder, yes? Therefore, it turned to skydiving, and paid pro skydiver Carson Schram to leap out of a plane holding one of the bars. So you see? Your old favorite from childhood is bold enough to skydive, and it wasn’t even wearing a parachute.

In 2014, Butterfinger rolled out a peanut butter cup, re-packaging its signature tastes. But now it’s doubling-down on the deliciousness of the candy bar.

Anyway, we admire Butterfinger’s enthusiasm. At a meeting, someone said, “well, we could have a dude jump out of an airplane.” They took a vote, and jumping out of an airplane it was. Think about that the next time you’re ready to choose a sweet snack.