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Brewmaster Jill Vaughn on Shock Top Banana Wheat Beer #ShockTopCA

Male Standard was invited by the traditional Belgian-Style wheat ale brewers Shock Top to an exclusive tap takeover with Brewmaster Jill Vaughn. Together, we celebrated the return of a fall beer favourite, and saw the unveiling of a new brew for the festive season. Not only is Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat back, but we got to sample Shock Top’s newest limited edition beer: Spiced Banana Wheat. The Shock Top Brewmasters have an undeniable passion for creating innovative brews made with unexpected flavors. Due to the overwhelming response these beers have received, Shock Top is pleased to announce the Limited Edition Beer Festival program will continue to expand.

Brewmaster Jill Vaughn on Shock Top Banana Wheat Beer #ShockTopCA

Shock Top Banana Wheat Beer

Shock Top Spiced Banana Wheat is a Belgian-style unfiltered wheat ale with a sweet banana aroma, subtle hopping and a smooth, creamy caramel finish for a full flavor experience. The exclusive brew is only available at beer festivals, special events and select locations for a limited time; so be sure to keep your eyes open for this delicious concoction. Thankfully, Shock Top had plenty on tap for Male Standard to try as Brewmaster Jill Vaughn shared exclusive insight into Shock Top’s approach to brewing and its unique twists on beer styles. Shock Top Spiced Banana Wheat will be available just into November of this year so be sure to take advantage of this exciting new beer while it lasts!

Brewmaster Jill Vaughn on Shock Top Banana Wheat Beer #ShockTopCA

Head Shock Top Brewmaster Jill Vaughn and her team created Spiced Banana Wheat specially for the next brew in this beer festival series. As the name suggests correctly, this brew combines the flavors of caramel malts, honey, brown sugar and bananas to deliver a Belgian-style unfiltered wheat ale with a smooth, creamy caramel finish, sweet bananas aroma and subtle hopping for a full flavor experience. At 5.5% ABV, this seasonal delectable is available on draught only, and for a limited time. We really hope they make this a yearly seasonal release. The overall flavor is sweet, but not too sweet – as the banana may suggest, and has a perfect crispness for fall. We also loved the originality of flavors, with Shock Top stepping outside the pumpkin spice box that fall can sometimes lock us into.

Tasting the New Shock Top Fall Flavors

According to Brewmaster Jill Vaughn, the inspiration behind flavors comes from the greater vision of encouraging creativity. Shock Top is all about pushing the envelope, and helps support their Brewmasters in seeking out what excites their taste buds to bring back new and innovative suggestions. Brewmaster Jill Vaughn spoke about her passion for food, and how equally, a great beer can compliment a gourmet dish, but also of how a craft beer can encourage new foods and tastes on a plate. In this delicious mix lays the secret to the new fall flavors, where the expected and unexpected meet. It also leads to the revelation of why Brewmaster Jill Vaughn loves to brew, which is the flexibility behind beer. From rich, complex flavors to crisp, simple pleasures, Shock Top is on point.

Brewmaster Jill Vaughn on Shock Top Banana Wheat Beer #ShockTopCA

For the Banana Wheat, Brewmaster Jill Vaughn revealed that Shock Top wanted to create a flavor that encompasses their classic Camp Fire beer, which was a S’mores beer that captivated people’s attention, but in reverse. The journey lead them down the path of Banana Foster, another classic dessert that people don’t really make at home, but for crazy for when out, or as in this case, when on the festival circuits. The beer is actually brewed with bananas, which is a first for Shock Top, and delivers a premium, refreshing taste followed by the brown sugar. When tasting beers, according to Brewmaster Jill Vaughn, you should first watch the beer as it’s being poured so you can see the color, and then smell the aroma so you capture all your senses.

Brewmaster Jill Vaughn on Shock Top Banana Wheat Beer #ShockTopCA

Brewmaster Jill Vaughn recommends serving the Shock Top Banana Wheat with, or in place of dessert. She explains that a tall wide glass will open up the sweet fragrance, and creates an impressive presentation for guests. The difference in glass heights and widths, she explains, alters the flavors as the delivery of the taste and fragrance arrives at different times. As this is a dessert influenced beer, the wider, taler glasses create an over the top experience. Jill also recommends trying out different glasses at home to see what you like best! We’re confident you’ll love the Belgian-Style wheat ale infusion, or any other their other new fruity flavors such as their Raspberry Wheat or Honey Bourbon.

About Shock Top

Shock Top is a traditional Belgian-Style wheat ale. It was originally created in 2006 as a seasonal brew under the name Spring Heat Spiced Wheat. After collecting gold in ’06 and bronze in ’07 in the Belgian White category at the North American Beer Awards, we decided to brew year-round and switched the name to Shock Top. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. And the best decision you can make is to try some Shock Top for yourself.

Male Standard gives many thanks to the wonderful Brewmaster Jill Vaughn and Shock Top for introducing us, and walking us through their new collection of seasonal and classic Belgian-Style wheat ales, we truly had a blast!