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BOSS Bottled Unlimited Review Redelivers With a Classic Twist

Inspired by the BOSS man’s determination and drive for success, BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED is the energizing new scent from Hugo Boss fragrances. This limited edition fragrance is inspired by the endurance required to succeed, combining the rush of adrenaline when a goal has been reached. Celebrating that exhilarating energy that comes with achievement, BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED is an instant invigorating boost. Being limited edition it is only available for a short time, however, it is the scent of the summer packed with World Cup excitement and Joe Hart being the global ambassador for the scent.

About BOSS Bottled Unlimited

If you’re looking for a fantastic go to fragrance, you can’t go wrong with BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED. Boasting a legacy of distinctive fragrances, we were not at all surprised to fall for Hugo Boss all over again with their new Asian infusion. Featuring delicious notes of mint, iced violet leaves, grapefruit, and chilled pineapple, this fresh, fruity yet slightly woody fragrance is far from compromising. The blend makes for a versatile, everyday cologne that suits most men, with the younger crowd gravitating towards this slightly spicy scent. Hugo Boss has created a confident, sensual fragrance for everyday wear that doesn’t impose and that can be worn during the day or evening. Wearers can expect a good 6 hours of consistent wear, even on warmer days that can dilute a fragrance, without feeling overburdened. Simply apply to your wrists or neck in one quick spritz, and you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.


BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED is a reimagination of the Original BOSS Bottled. Naturally, fans of that fragrance will be interested to see what changes have been made, but most men will appreciate this new fragrance in its own right. This masculine scent sports a crisp scent, but with the addition of an energetic twist. We don’t oftentimes recommend playing with the classics, but in this case, we’re glad Hugo Boss went back to the drawing board and are happy to make an exception. BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED gives off an adrenaline packed burst of energy on the opening application, with the signature grapefruit infusion lending to a sophisticated, but uplifting shelflife. It’s also worth noting this is a Limited Edition fragrance, so fans of the brand will want to grab a bottle sooner rather than later.

BOSS Bottled Unlimited Features:

  • Confident. Energizing. Uncompromising.
  • Mint, Iced Violet Leaves, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Rose, Cinnamon, Cistus, Sandalwood, Musk.

The Male Standard Verdict

If you’re looking for an all-round heavy hitter that can be worn day or night, then BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED is worth checking out. Every guy should have at least one bottle of Hugo Boss in their collection, and this one is no exception. We regularly get complimented on this scent, with a knowing nod of approval when telling the name. BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED however offers something fresh from the Hugo Boss collection due to it’s Asian influence, but with the added security of knowing that you’re getting a slice of fragrance history. With an RRP of $60 for 100ml, BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED is friendly on the pockets, and out performs many higher pitched fragrances currently on the market. Put this one on your wishlist, you won’t regret it!

BOSS Bottled Unlimited is available online and at Sephora.