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This Boozy Vanilla Shake Recipe is Delicious!

July 23rd marks an incredibly special day – Ok, so it’s hardly the social crux of the year, but it is National Vanilla Ice Cream day, which is pretty darn delicious. What better way to cool off this summer than to chill out with a delicious and boozy shake? Since its launch last year, Crown Vanilla has been savored in an array of refreshments and cocktail recipes. Crown Vanilla is sure to compliment any sweet treat your taste buds desire, but we think it tastes exquisite in the recipe below created by Mixologist Brian Floyd, The Very Vanilla Shake. All you need to do is mix the ingredients together with a blender, and serve with your best summer shades on.

If you love your whiskey with a vanilla twist, this is going to be the hit of your party. Think ice cream, marshmallows, and all things sinfully sweet wrapped in Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Crown Vanilla is a versatile addition to your lineup, and can be added to many delicious (and we think old-fashioned) recipes to make fun and adult friendly beverages and treats. Just adding root beer will turn this into a nostalgic summer treat!

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