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Shot of the Month: Bomb Pop Shot

Summertime is here and 4th of July is near! This means backyard barbecues, poolside drinks and bonfires at the beach. To help add that special touch to your 4th of July celebration and maybe even score extra points with the ladies, here’s a fun and delicious shot recipe. So channel your inner bartender, get the following ingredients and get ready to makes some festive shots!

Do you remember getting Bomb Pops from the ice cream man on a hot summer day? Well this shot is sure to take you back. This is the recipe to make a Bomb Pop shot that offers the taste of your childhood summers with a grown up twist! To start you’ll need the following ingredients:


– Sweet n Sour mix

– Sprite or 7up

– Lemon flavored rum or vodka

– Raspberry vodka

– Blue curacao

– Grenadine

– Rocks glasses or any glasses that are a little bigger than a regular shot glass


There are several ways to make a shot and layering is one of the most challenging. I like to start off with a bang and how fitting given the occasion. 😉 Although it won’t alter the taste if you choose not to layer this shot, the presentation will drastically change. This is a 4th of July inspired shot, so the shot should be layered from the bottom- red, white and blue. Not only does this shot look awesome, but it tastes amazing!

  1. Your first step is to mix equal parts of Sprite or 7up with Sweet n Sour mix, lemon vodka or rum, and raspberry vodka. You’ll want the lemon and raspberry vodka/rum to equal one shot for each person you are pouring for (i.e. 4 people equals 2 full shots of lemon vodka/rum and 2 full shots of raspberry vodka).
  2. Pour the ingredients in a shaker with some ice to chill it, because no one likes a warm shot.
  3. Strain that mix into your glasses. Remember this is a shot so keep that in mind when making these, you want to be able to shoot these not have to gulp them.
  4. Now the layering begins… There are several options when layering, so choose whichever option is best for you. You can use a spoon, cherry, or just carefully wing it and pour it slowly into the glass. I feel a spoon is the easiest and most effective way to achieve the layered look. When using a spoon you’ll place the spoon into the vodka mix at an angle and slightly break the surface. Slowly pour the blue curacao allowing it to spill over the back of the spoon. You’ll start to see it layer over the existing “white” layer.
  5. Next you’ll add the grenadine by pouring it slowly into the shot. The best way to do this is to pour close to the edge of the glass to create a sort of waterfall effect down the inside of the glass. The consistency of the grenadine will force it to drop to the bottom of the glass.

Ta dah! You should be looking at your very first layered shot perfectly suited for a 4th of July party!! Now show off your bartending skills to your friends and enjoy the shots. Happy 4th of July!!