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BLOW Hookahs & Vaporizers — The Hottest Accessories for Summer 2014

BLOW is BLOW-ing up the nightclub scene with their hottest new accessories that make it possible to enjoy “vaping” wherever the party takes you. Unlike traditional cigarettes that are expensive, damaging to your health, and create problems like the need for ashtrays and using restricted smoking areas, BLOW portable vaporizers can be used in public, and do not contain the caustic chemicals associated with tobacco smoke. Add that on top of the fact that BLOW vaporizers are the hottest new way to get the party started with their in-club Hookah bars, and you can see why everyone is picking up on this hot new trend!

BLOW Hookahs & Vaporizers — The Hottest Accessories for Summer 2014

Introducing BLOW Hookahs & Vaporizers

While smoking was the de jour in the 1950’s, we know better now what those white sticks can do to our health, and our bank accounts. Vaping is a unique way to enjoy the same leisurely pastime without feeling guilty or out-of-pocket. Vaping is popular on the club scene as even smokers and non-smokers can “hook” up, as the odorless smoke is tasteless and doesn’t stain your teeth or clothes. She’ll be happy that you’re looking after your health, while doing what you love, as no man should compromise on what his passions are, which is something that is becoming harder and harder with smoking restrictions tearing across the nation.


BLOW have a premiere line of luxe hookahs and vaporizers that can be used solo or at parties. Their compact size and application means that you can effectively start the party wherever you want, and should the group wants to move on to the next event, there’s no timely pack up required. Simply put the vaporizer in your pocket and march wherever the night takes you. Available in an assortment of non-nicotine and nicotine flavors and strengths, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect vaporizer for your next event. Look out for BLOW hookah bars at a club near you!

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