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Saw some crackpot Birddogs production on ESPN. Took a risk. Never going back.

I walked off the plane at Fort Lauderdale international to find my connecting flight was delayed 8 hours. Naturally, I strolled to the airport bar to get absolutely buckled. Between gulps I glanced up at the TV to see a bunch of dudes dressed up like wizards playing grab ass in a field. It was an ad for Birddogs, and the most bizarre thing I’ve seen on TV. I actually watched these nut sacks and their fake swordplay for a full 30 seconds.

I had to know – whose dad put up the money for these amateurs to get their backyard circle jerk on ESPN? A quick google of Birddogs revealed it was a clothing company. I skimmed the website and found it riddled with toilet humor and homoerotic play. I had a decent buzz going and it made me chuckle so I bought a pair of pants and completely forgot about it.

A few days later a bright orange box arrived at my doorstep that said “Birddogs.” I was shocked something actually came. Part of me figured the company was a hoax. Boy oh boy am I glad this is real. I love these pants. They feel like you are wearing sweatpants but they look awesome. I rarely buy clothes for myself (that’s my wife’s job), but for this company I make an exception. I can’t get enough of their products. I’m completely sold on Birddogs.