When it comes to grooming, we all make mistakes. However, many of them can be avoided. In order to help, Male Standard has developed The 101 Worst Grooming Mistakes Guys Make.

We’ve sought the help of experts in the grooming industry including: shaving gurus, barbers, skin care professionals, and stylists to develop the most effective and comprehensive list ever made.

Take a look at these mistakes and take steps to avoid making them.


  1. Using too much hair product
  2. Using the wrong hair product for your hair type
  3. Choosing a hairstyle that does not compliment your face shape
  4. Choosing a hairstyle that does not compliment your hair type
  5. Choosing a hairstyle that’s not age appropriate
  6. Not maintaining your style between cuts
  7. Thinking a $5 haircut is the same as a professional one
  8. Sporting the comb over
  9. Sporting the same style for the past 10 years
  10. Scratching your scalp when you wash your hair
  11. Having dandruff and flakes
  12. Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner for your hair type
  13. Using thick product and conditioners on fine or thinning hair (makes it look thinner)
  14. Over using the blow drier and brushing too much on oily hair (makes it produce more oil)
  15. Over shampooing dry hair (takes away all of the natural oils)
  16. Over washing and towel drying on curly hair (makes it frizzy)
  17. Applying water-based styling products to wet hair (reduces the effect)


  1. Sporting a unibrow
  2. Getting an unnatural arch when tweezing/waxing your eyebrows
  3. Ignoring stray nose and ear hair
  4. Having chest hair that pokes out of your t-shirt
  5. Not trimming excess back hair
  6. Thinking that waxing is only for women
  7. Having overgrown pubic hair
  8. Using a dull razor on your man jewels


  1. Using a generic bar of soap to wash your face
  2. Having blackheads
  3. Having acne
  4. Not knowing your skin type
  5. Not using the right face wash for your skin type
  6. Treating your face and body the same
  7. Not wearing sunscreen
  8. Not using moisturizer
  9. Not using lip balm
  10. Not cleaning your ears properly
  11. Touching your face
  12. Picking at acne
  13. Drinking too much alcohol (can irritate skin and cause inflammation)
  14. Being too stressed (can cause inflammation of the skin)
  15. Showering too long (over 10 minutes- strips body of natural oils)
  16. Not exfoliating your skin
  17. Using soap on greasy/oily skin (use an oil-free cleanser)
  18. Not exfoliating your lips
  19. Not using eye cream (sporting puffy eyes)
  20. Not drinking enough water


  1. Wearing too much cologne
  2. Purchasing cologne because it smells good in the bottle (needs to work with your skin)
  3. Wearing a cologne just because of the brand name
  4. Wearing the same cologne for every occasion
  5. Wearing lotions that each have different scents (throws your main scent off)


  1. Biting your finger nails
  2. Chewing your cuticles
  3. Thinking manicures are just for women
  4. Having dirty fingernails
  5. Having athletes foot
  6. Not washing your hands frequently
  7. Having long toe nails
  8. Having foot fungus
  9. Taking too long to clip your finger and toe nails (should be 1 every 2 weeks)
  10. Not using lotion on your hands and feet
  11. Not drying your feet properly after a shower (can cause fungus)


  1. Shaving against the grain
  2. Shaving with a dull blade
  3. Not rinsing the blade
  4. Not using a shaving brush
  5. Shaving dry skin
  6. Not prepping
  7. Not using a pre-shave oil
  8. Not using after shave
  9. Thinking that more blades are better
  10. Not using the right shaving cream/soap
  11. Not stretching the skin when shaving
  12. Too many passes over your face with the razor
  13. Using too much pressure on the razor
  14. Not using enough lather
  15. Not shaving your neck when sporting a beard (makes you look like a hobo)
  16. Sporting facial hair that does not match your face type
  17. Not trimming your beard
  18. Sporting a goatee that exceeds your smile line
  19. Not replacing rotary and foil blades on your electric shaver


  1. Not brushing your teeth properly
  2. Not using teeth whitening products
  3. Not flossing properly
  4. Not using a tongue scraper (most bad breathe starts here)
  5. Keeping your toothbrush too long (over 60 days)
  6. Brushing for less than 2 minutes
  7. Brushing too hard (makes your gums bleed)
  8. Not brushing at least twice a day
  9. Not using mouthwash
  10. Drinking too many caffeinated beverages (strains your teeth)

Problem Areas

  1. Having ingrown hairs
  2. Improperly removing ingrown hair (causes infections)
  3. Wearing low-quality socks (causes smelly feet)
  4. Sporting athletes foot
  5. Buying low-quality/cheap grooming products
  6. Not wearing deodorant/antiperspirant
  7. Using too much self-tanner (you look orange)
  8. Using a cheap self-tanner (you look orange)
  9. Not wearing SPF products while tanning
  10. Not having a base tan
  11. Having food stuck in your mustache/goatee

Now that you’ve seen the list, let us know your thoughts. Do you have some grooming mistakes to add? Help your fellow man and add them to the comment area below.


  1. Entertaining list! But… pre-shave oil, really? Face prep is important; however, not using a PSO is hardly a “mistake” on the same magnitutde as wearing smelly socks!

    1. Benton,

      Thanks for the feedback. Face prep is definitely important when it comes to getting a great shave. We welcome any other tips you’d like to share with our community.

  2. this. excellent! should have added concealer to the list of things men should use. it’s okay in my opinion, especially in LA.

  3. I tried to download the ebook version of this but it does not show on the ebook page. There is no link. Is the ebook the same as this or does it offer detailed explanation for each one of them. If not, it would be nice to have some explanation for each one and a solution to them, no good just saying the mistake (e.g. having acne – how about some tips of avoiding or getting rid?)

  4. This is great to point out what we do wrong. I don’t tend to wear the same cologne for every occasion but it would be great to have some further clarification to the rule.

  5. Having acne is usually not a grooming mistake… It’s not actractive but often out of a persons control.

  6. “Don’t allow chest hair to poke through your shirt”

    I’m sorry, I’m a man, not a prissy little b!tch. If my chest hair is unsightly to a woman, she should go date a woman. If a man has issue with it, I’m obviously alpha and he is a beta.
    If I’m wearing a teeshirt, I could care less. I have a more “exotic” look, so I guess I have a bit more leeway with it. And it’s a fine line between looking like a Persian wearing too much Armani exchange and an awkward white guy.
    Chest hair can look attractive if done right. But if you’re wearing a regular neck teeshirt and its poking, then yes, understandable, but a low neck or v neck teeshirt? Who cares!

    Just make it look good.

    “Having a base tan”.
    Really? Men need to go “tanning” now? No, just no.
    Again, I have darker skin, so I can get away with it.
    But just be natural.
    If you’re white, wear colors that compliment you, taupe, red, lighter Browns, beige etc etc.
    My complexity (oliveish) allows me to get away with deep reds and blues, also the earthy colors. I would NEVER get a tan to make my self “look better”.
    A lot of these are stupidly superficial, use work with what you have and use it with confidence.
    Stupid lists like these are what increase people’s anxiety. And I’d probably laugh at any “man” who followed this list seriously. Other than nose hair ear hair and fingernails(and to a lesser extent, lip balm, but just drink more water) and your hair cut. Everything else is pretty much stupid.

    Let’s do this, one guy follow this list, and I’ll do my own thing, chest hair and all. Let’s see who is deemed more confident/sexy etc etc. not the guy with the shiny fingernails and redken in his hair.
    You guessed it, the wavy hair, undercutted guy with real pomade in his hair with a bit of chest hair and natural masculinity.

    No actual “barber”* would suggest anything off this list. You’d be laughed right out of the shop.
    * note I said actual barber, not those prissy hipster excuses of a barber shop*

    That’s all 🙂 have a nice day, don’t break a nail replying back to me!

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