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The Best Lip Balms for Men

During the winter months there is a noticeable difference in the way our skin is feeling, especially our lips. Dry air, winter wind and cold temperatures all conspire to reduce the moisture in our lips. So, the question becomes how does a man take care of these dry, cracked winter burnt lips, by keeping them moist and hydrated?

I’ve found men can be pretty divided on this issue, and unlike women, they don’t openly share their beauty secrets. More often than not I’ve discovered that men use lip balm on a regular basis and what’s even more interesting when they’re asked, they actually have a favorite. Although it’s not likely to come up in casual conversation, here are the best lip balms for men this season:

1. Kiehls – Facial Fuel Lip Balm

For the man with a more refined palette, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Lip Balm for Men, is a first choice. Facial Fuel is formulated to provide temporary relief for dry cracked lips in addition to providing better moisture retention and preventing further damage. It’s clear, scentless, and has no added shine and is available for $8.50.

2. HeadHunter Lip Balm

If you’re one of those wave chasers who show no fear of the cold, and brave the icy waters in search of the biggest winter swells, HeadHunter lip balm, is the stick of choice. Their super sticky, stay on your lips formula helps keep lips protected from the sun, wind and saltwater. It’s formulated with UVA and UVB filters with an SPF of 30, to offer true broad-spectrum protection and goes for $4.00.

3. Dermatone Lip Balm

For the winter sports adventurist who lives for fresh powder, the balm to have is Dermatone. Created by a small town pharmacist in Sweden, this unique line was designed for harsher cold and alpine weather conditions and it can even help prevent frostbite on the lips. SPF 23, retails for $2.80.

4. Lip Trip

The all around choice for the sporty outdoors type, who is looking for something with long lasting coverage, will want LIP TRIP in their pocket. With a SPF of 15, a healthy dose of Vitamin E to help maintain proper moisture balance, and all natural vanilla or peppermint flavors, this tube is a year round favorite at $3.00.

5. Burt’s Bees

For men who are feeling a little more chemical conscious and have decided to kick the petroleum habit in favor of a more “organic” approach will go with Burt’s Bees. The classic yellow tube, with its natural antioxidants is valued for it’s soothing, regenerating properties and goes for $3.00.  

So guys, do your lips a favor and give them a little extra love with the best lip balms for men. Even if you aren’t so concerned about dry chapped lips, trust me the ladies in your life will notice the difference.