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Bespoke Post Review – The Box of Awesome – Lifestyle Subscriptions for Men

In the business of monthly pats on the back? Remarkable! Nothing picks up confidence like a mini-birthday each month, and having a subscription on hand for those lacklustre days means always possessing something to look forward to. Simply sign up, and each month a box of goodies tempered to your interest arrives on your doorstep. Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Subscription boxes are incredibly well-received for just that very reason, and are a sound alternative to socks, socks, and the sporadic ties that guys begrudgingly receive. Pick a subscription based on personal interests to game up gifting; and take out the stress of curating a collection for that someone special. Or, just sit back and enjoy knowing someone out there implicitly thought of you. To guide you, Male Standard wants to put Bespoke Post – The Box of Awesome – and other goodies on your radar.

Introducing Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post curates a devastatingly admirable collection of items to deliver an original “Box of Awesome,” or box of choice. Last month, Bespoke Post offered two new boxes: Covered (a custom Blue Claw Co. garment bag, magnetic collar stays and a boar hair clothes brush) and Lumberjack (a hammer head hatchet from Hard Core Hammers, with a leather sheath and gun oil to polish it). Treating you or a friend has never been easier. Simply visit their website, choose from grooming or style, tech, drink, & more, and rest assured that a fantastic box of goodies will be swinging by based on their interests. The goodies are set to stun and are always interesting, engaging, stylish and often limited edition; so you’ll be swagging out your man cave throughout the year. You can also choose to go with a one-time cut and shuffle, if you’re looking to give a quick gift.

What’s in The Bespoke Post Box This Month?

This month, we received a rudimentary glass set with a twist. Inside were two Sempli Cupa Glasses with a conical (rounded) base hand-designed in Scandinavia by artist, artilect, and owner Daniele Semeraro, each reflective of European architecture; we were delighted to find a stylish and practical way to sip on our favourite gin and whiskey. Daniele realized that traditional stems are aesthetically and technically superfluous, so created gorgeous glassware without any cumbersome features to create an optimal, and minimalist, experience. These glasses lend itself perfectly for a refreshing cocktail also! To compliment these new wares, we discovered a radical at home whiskey aging kit. In 10 days, you can be sipping in style your very own concoction of Black Swan Cooperage aged whiskey or rum, or whatever your heart desires. 

Bespoke Post

Barrel Aging Kit

Front and center in this all-things-included kit is a charred honeycomb barrel stave from the craftsman at the Black Swan Cooperage. The staves will impart deep new flavors to your go-to drink, with each subsequent use creating a softer and subtler finish than the last. The stave can be used up to 4-6 times and we’ve included an extra one since we know you’ll like ‘em so much. The 375ml glass vessel holds it as you sail your booze into the sublime. Once you’ve done the hard part of waiting, just pour out your creation through the included cheesecloth strainer and enjoy.

Cocktail Tumblers

A standard Old Fashioned glass is a sharp and timeless way to sip your booze, but sometimes you want something a bit more unique. Sempli’s version rolls with the punches as a more playful alternative to the classic tumbler shape. The glass is hand-blown from Italian lead-free crystal, and somehow makes drinking even more fun. Watch the liquid swirl as the glass swivels around in between sips — just make sure not to spill if you’ve had one too many.

Bespoke Post – The Box of Awesome – Lifestyle Subscriptions for Men

Tips & Tricks:

  • Mix your drink in a mixing glass or pitcher, rather than pouring the ingredients right into the kit, so that you can get the proportions correct and properly incorporate the liquids — you can always make more than you need and drink the leftovers. About 12 ounces fit in the jar, so adjust your recipe’s measurements accordingly.
  • Focus on “spirit-forward” cocktails: those made predominantly or exclusively with hard liquor and non-dairy liqueurs. Classic drinks like the Negroni, the Manhattan and the Martini are perfect first-time elixirs.
  • If you’re aging a pre-mixed cocktail, avoid including fresh citrus juice, sour mixes, eggs or dairy (as in an Irish cream liqueur), since they can spoil and ruin both your drink and oak stave.
  • Bitter liqueurs and fortified wines are great mixers. Bitter Italian liqueurs like campari, amaro and averna smooth out and warm up elegantly. Vermouths and sherries oxidize nicely for a richer, deeper flavor.
  • Consider soaking your stave in something for an hour or two to add another flavor profile to the overall drink. Fernet branca, tonic syrup, even absinthe work well.
  • Store your concoction in a dark space, like a closet or cabinet.
  • And most important: Have fun. Experiment. What does aged vodka taste like? What if you throw in some of that weird bubble gum liqueur someone brought to the last party? Give it a shot.

The Male Standard Verdict

Bespoke Post is gearing up men’s subscription boxes with original, thoughtful, and though provoking products we know you’ll love. It’s evident from the time of delivery, to the unpacking and inner products, that a great deal of time and care has gone into these collections. There’s definitely a fun surprise in having a box delivered, but the real takeaway was the wow factor of what was actually inside. A true gift should be something one covets, but would not necessarily or usually attain for themselves. Thus, Bespoke Post won us over with their highly desirable gentlemen after-eight collection, which any guy would be proud to own. Have a dander on over at their website to get teasers of what’s to come, and pay it forward with a subscription to someone you know. After all, what goes around comes around and Bespoke Post is bagging extensive Karma points. Although, be forewarned these do sellout quickly.

To find out what’s coming next or to order, please visit Bespoke Post