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Treat Your Man to the Luxury of a Bellroy Wallet This Valentines Day

Bellroy exists to slim your wallet, but just being slim isn’t enough for these artisanal designers. Bellroy wants their products to look elegant, be functional, inspire delight to use and offer a surplus in value. With a narrow focus, constant learning, agile processes and a powerhouse creative thinking team, Bellroy continually improve the solutions and insights shared in the world of men’s fashion. If they do this well, they rightly believe you’ll be able to move between work and play, having your pocket contents adapt along with you!

Bellroy Believes in Better Ways to Carry Your Wallet
Bellroys efforts should also be respectful to all stakeholders in the business and be friendly to the environment. If that sounds interesting, jump into their community, join some of the conversation, and perhaps even become a part of this evolving group. Bellroy offers three different ranges to complement the every man. The Everyday (Your cash and cards in a slimmer silhouette), Travel (Fit your essentials in your pocket), and Elements (Extra wallet protection for all weather conditions).

Bellroy — Words To Live By

Bellroy creates more than wallets, they’re outlining a new set of expectations. Each of their designs follows three core beliefs that encompass the brand and personal values. These are:

Bellroy Believes in Better Ways to Carry Your Wallet
  • Better Ways to Carry – Bellroy helps people find Better Ways to Carry, through insightful design and creative solutions to everyday problems.
  • Slim Your Wallet – There’s no need to be carrying around a filing cabinet in your pocket. Slim Your Wallet with Bellroy.
  • Modern Craft – Bellroy wallets are created with geeky design and a sense of Modern Craft.
Access vs. Storage – Bellroy is able to make slim wallets fit so much in them by looking at access vs. storage. Slices of leather between every card create bulk. If you stack your less-frequently used items together at the back and then keep your everyday cards at the front, you free your pocket of unnecessary material.
Bellroy exists to slim your wallet. Rather than building pockets and bulky design, our leather wallets are more efficient, have better access, better protection, and even a little old school craft.

Editors Pick – Bellroy Slim Sleeve

A beautiful balance of small with convenient, the Slim Sleeve Wallet is easy to underestimate. Your 2 daily cards go in quick draw, then a tab lets you get to your infrequent cards. Most currencies easily fit with a half fold, and it’s all kept tidy in a reasonably grit tight package. The sleek design makes this the perfect choice for most outfits and occasions. If you prefer something a little more unusual or attention grabbing, there’s a ton of colors to choose from online. We love the Cognac, Java, and Slate varieties.

Editors Pick – Bellroy Slim Sleeve Editors Pick – Bellroy Slim Sleeve Editors Pick – Bellroy Slim Sleeve
  • 4-12+cards
  • 8cm x 9.5cm – Compare to Other Products
  • Built using our low impact Nude Approach
  • Slim profile reduces wallet bulk
  • 2 quick access card slots
  • Pull-tab for infrequently accessed cards
  • Bills can be folded in 2 or 3 folds
  • Premium vegetable tanned cow leather
  • Backed by 3-year warranty
Discover which wallet suits your lifestyle and needs by visiting and following the interactive assessment – we were the Everday. Tell us your answer in the comment section below!