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Before You Fire Up Your BBQ Check Out These Simple Ways To Stay Green

Barbeque season is that time of year when family and friends get together to enjoy great weather and share mouth-watering foods on the go. Because of the fun and happy mood associated with such an occasion, it’s easier not to pay attention to the dangers such activities pose to the environment. There are several factors that actively contribute to damaging the environment while you are not aware. The type of barbeque, the type of fuel used, or the utensils and plates you use are some of the things you must put into consideration if at all you want to go green with your barbeque.
Before you fire up your BBQ, check out these simple ways to stay green, and you’ll have a happy barbeque that is also mindful of the world you are living in.

1 The fuel you use

If you are firing up your BBQ using charcoal or briquette, you are ruining the environment. Traditional charcoal sends off carbon monoxide and soot into the air. However, you could opt for a more green alternative such as coconut shell charcoal, which burns cleaner, thereby producing a few harmful emissions. Propane BBQ and natural gas are good alternatives to wood charcoal too, because they burn cleaner

2 Your BBQ Food

When it comes to food for barbeque, choose food that is available locally from the farms or local butchers. These foods don’t contain harmful chemicals compared to processed foods, and are likely to come with less packaging as well. Keep in mind that the more package the food has, the more packaging you’ll through away and this will damage the environment.

3 Utensils

Instead of using plastic utensils, paper plates or napkins, you could opt to use regular cloth napkin or silverware. You could also purchase products made from environmentally degradable materials. Avoid plastics because they are not bio-degradable.

4 Your Drinks

If your guests are drinking water using bottles, ensure that you strategically place a recycle bin in your backyard because it makes cleaning up easier after the festivity is long gone. Again, if you want to go greener, you can mix your drinks with ice tea or cocktails and serve in pitchers.

5 Your Invitation

Instead of sending out invitation in paper form, you could use social media or mail to invite those you’d like to attend the festival. If at least 5 people did that, they could save more trees every year and that means a healthier ecosystem. A good ecosystem means that every aspect of nature is well balanced and taken care of. It will ensure that there’s enough emission of oxygen into the environment because of the abundance of trees, and that the water cycle is operating optimally.

It’s in the little things you do that matter. Barbeque season is a time to have fun with family and friends. But that doesn’t mean that you harm the environment in the process. By implementing the 5 steps above, you are conserving tress and water. Again, you are encouraging a healthy circulation of air for plants and animals. Strive to stay green this summer season and conserve your environment.

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