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Are You Feeling the Beer Pressure?

You might be surprised to learn that most guys who walk into a bar don’t want a beer – they want a cocktail, but ‘beer pressure,’ tells us that men drink beer, so what do we do? We order up and suck it down. According to Stoli’s recent survey, 74 percent of millennial men said that they enjoy flavored cocktails, but 63 percent avoid drinking them in public due to fear of scrutiny from their peers. This might be just for fun on the surface, but we reason that it’s actually a genuine problem.

If you can’t order what you want in a bar, how can you gain the confidence to ask out that gorgeous woman or request a raise? Feeling like you have to go along with what other people want is ultimately what will make you unhappy.  So while you think, “What’s the problem, it’s just a beer?” We want you to dig deeper. To show the majority what they’re missing out on and to encourage men to #DrinkWhatYouWant, Stoli partnered with some of the top names in extreme sports to debut an “Extreme Cocktailing” four-part video series.

Extreme Cocktailing

If you think that cocktails are not manly, think again. Stoli is changing perceptions of what men find acceptable by highlighting extreme cocktailing, their take on how to macho-up an important topic; #drinkwhatyouwant encourages men to go out and get what they want, be it in the bar, the office, or anywhere else. By ordering the drink you want – a cocktail, a gin and tonic, perhaps a white Russian, what you are really telling the world is that you a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to take it.

To bring attention to this important message, Stoli created a four-part video series that explores extreme sports, and literally shakes it up with four new cocktails that any man should be proud to try. Each video features a delicious recipe, and takes men on a new bartending adventure that is sure to get your heart racing. From whitewater rapids to bull riding, we bet you’ll never see cocktails in the same light ever again!

Joining Stoli on this four-episode series are profesional slackliner and world record holder Spencer Seabrooke, who is taking cocktailing to new heights with the Highline Razberi Lemonade: check out the video below.


Zach Miles is a champion bull rider who grabs flavor by the horns. He is bringing you the heat with the new Blueberi Bucking Bull: check out the video here.

Professional mountain biker Kyle Norbraten can throw down a mean 360-backflip, so it’s only fair that he is mixing it up with Deep Woods Ohranj Crush; check out the video here.

Benny Marr, world-renownked kayaker, is taking his thrill chaser to the rapids, and is shaking up the world’s first Whitewater Blueberi Lemon Drop; check out the video here.

What drink do you want to order, but never do? Tell us on social media at #DrinkWhatYouWant, and discover what other guys really want to order at the bar. You may be surprised to find which team you are on!