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The Best Beau Ties For Dashing Men This Halloween & Día de Muertos

Beau Ties are encouraging men this spooktacular season to have fun with some wonderfully ghoulish treats, their luxe line of themed holiday bow ties, in all the colors of the spirited season. With the pinnacle of fall upon us, now is the perfect time to make a statement at all those Trick or Treat or Day of the Dead parties you’ll be attending this year, with a dashing bow tie that accents your semi-casual or formal attire. Whether you are attending in costume, or are looking for a neat way to get in on the holiday spirit, these are Male Standard‘s top picks for this Thrilling Thursday! If you’re inclined to be a little lower key amidst all the Halloween hullabaloo, you’ll also find options that can be worn long after All Hallow’s Eve fades away to the All Saints’ dawn. Most Halloween designs are also available as neckties, making these bow ties as fun as they are practical.


With all the colors and iconography of Halloween seamlessly tied together, Bewitched is a wonderful way to honor tradition. The purple starry night decor, accented by witches on broomsticks, is as bewitching as the name suggests, and will be sure to leave a lasting impression with trick or treaters this spirited season.

Witch’s quidditch, perhaps? This team celebrates Halloween zooming across October’s bright full moons.

Pale gold with orange accents on twilight blue silk twill.

Dem Bones

Dem bones, dem bones, dem bones gonna getcha! Featuring dancing skeletons, Dem Bones is perfect for celebrating the gift of life this Halloween and Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead, November 1). From Down New Orleans way, to Mexico City, these iconic skeletons are what Halloween a spooktacular time, and honor the dead, adding to the fascinating factor of this bow tie.

Poppy purple skeletons hip-hop in woven black silk.

The mortal remains, we suggest, of some happy folks.


For the seasoned journalist, the Parker is an obvious call to action that demands attention. This sophisticated spiderweb design is a fitting tribute for Halloween, and plays up the rich purple coloring with neat black accenting sure to draw in a crowd. The Parker is also a fun bow tie that encourages conversation, making it ideal for mingling at Halloween parties.

Black spiders weave their mysterious webs in intricate designs on purple silk twill.

Who knows what they might catch?

About Beau Ties Ltd. Of Vermont

Like many independent-minded bow tie wearing men, Bill Kenerson had a tough time finding attractive, high-quality ties to wear to work. So he took it upon himself to change the situation. He went shopping for fabric. He connected with a local seamstress, and they created some bow ties. But it didn’t stop there. What had been a passion for wearing bows became a passion for sharing them, and in 1993 Beau Ties Ltd. Of Vermont was born, and launched with a collection of just eight ties mailed to 5,000 people. Response was immediate and positive. Their little Vermont company began to grow, taking over every available room in Bill’s house. He and his wife, Deb, kept their day jobs until, with a deep breath, they launched themselves into the tie business on a full-time basis. At about the time most folks reach retirement age, they decided to break ground for a new building for Beau Ties where sewing, shipping, sales and marketing operations could all work together.

To view the full Halloween collection, please visit Beau Ties.