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Beau Ties Ltd. Of Vermont Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Their Handcrafted Tie For a Cause

Did you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month? What better way to showcase your admiration of the women in your life, than to share your support in the one place people look to most — your vêtement, or your neck, as the cause may be! Beau Ties are proud to announce they are dressing dapper gents for the occasion with a beautiful collection of handcrafted bow ties that range from a perfect Oxford pink to the striking fuchsia Puccini, in honor of histories bespoke woman, making this line as charming as it is appreciable. For each Ribbon Tie For a Cause, Beau Ties donates 25% of the retail value to the Official non-profit organization BCRF, on your behalf, as both an opportunity to raise awareness and the chance of a cure. Beau Ties offers five custom fits, including traditional neckties, so that no man should feel excused from raising awareness, or looking his very best in this crisp month of October.

Below are Male Standard‘s top picks from the beautiful Tie For a Cause collection, in honor of of the women of the world and BCRF. We welcome you to leave a comment with your own choice selections; there are more than 25 Breast Cancer Awareness themed Beau Ties to choose from, and know there is a signature style waiting for you!


The Boulanger is a striking woven silk jacquard bow tie available in a signature rose pink, which conveys the appreciation and respect of loved ones. Whether you wear this bow tie as an emblem of support, a style statement on it’s own merits, or as a fitting tribute to the late Nadia Boulanger, the Boulanger is a splendid way to lead by example.

“A native of Paris, Nadia Boulanger was the first woman to direct a major orchestra, most notably the Boston, New York Philharmonic, and Philadelphia orchestras in 1938.”


For the more daring, the Puccini presents itself as a passionate bow tie that is sure to capture rapt attention. Male Standard recommends wearing the Puccini as the finishing touch to your Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising ensemble. The dashing color is a terrific conversation starter and accent piece that will draw attention the nights event for all the right reasons.

“The Italian composer Giacomo Puccini’s seven operas have given us joy, heartbreak and inspiration. Our tribute is one of a dark rose.”

Gooseberry Beach

For a more causal approach, the Gooseberry Beach, available in luxurious Oxford Cotton, presents itself as a complimentary bow tie that can be worn with this seasons fall trending colors of chocolate and Carafe to soften the appearance of a polished suit. For those visiting friends and family on a cool October weekend, this Gooseberry Beach exceeds expectations.

“An utterly perfect shade of pink Oxford cotton.”


The Antony is a versatile bow tie that speaks for itself. It’s simple design and elegant color palette make this an agreeable choice for those who are seeking longevity and decorum when selecting a themed tie. You can bring the Antony back into play confidently in springtime, knowing that you have the perfect accent piece at your disposal all year round.

“Looking for a pink that is as fresh as the first blossom of a cherry tree? Here it is.”

Pink Ribbon

For those considering the more traditional route, the Pink Ribbon (also available in accents of purple, yellow, light blue, green, and gold), is perhaps the most admirable of the collection. Offsetting the navy silk tie is the pink ribbon we know best as the emblem of hope. Beau Ties has created the perfect tribute to compliment their Tie For a Cause, by combining their signature craftsmanship with a delicate pink ribbon display. This bow tie won’t be mistaken for anything other than your stylish support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

“Pink ribbons symbolize the crucial need to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research. We support the campaign with this ribbon patterned navy silk tie, and will donate 25% of all sales of this fabric to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

About Beau Ties Ltd. Of Vermont


Like many independent-minded bow tie wearing men, Bill Kenerson had a tough time finding attractive, high-quality ties to wear to work. So he took it upon himself to change the situation. He went shopping for fabric. He connected with a local seamstress, and they created some bow ties. But it didn’t stop there. What had been a passion for wearing bows became a passion for sharing them, and in 1993 Beau Ties Ltd. Of Vermont was born, and launched with a collection of just eight ties mailed to 5,000 people. Response was immediate and positive. Their little Vermont company began to grow, taking over every available room in Bill’s house. He and his wife, Deb, kept their day jobs until, with a deep breath, they launched themselves into the tie business on a full-time basis. At about the time most folks reach retirement age, they decided to break ground for a new building for Beau Ties where sewing, shipping, sales and marketing operations could all work together.

To show your support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please visit Beau Ties