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Beard Shampoos: Are They Worth It?

One of the latest trends in men’s grooming is beard shampoos and conditioners.  These products cleanse facial hair as well as the skin underneath, making your beard softer and smoother.  They will also make your beard and the skin around it less itchy and flaky.

Naturally, as with any specialized grooming product, beard shampoos are costly.  This, of course, begs the question:  are beard shampoos worth the expense?  The answer depends on your situation.  Below I have outlined who should try beard shampoos as well as who may not need them.

You will benefit from a beard shampoo if:

  • You have a long beard:  If you have a very long beard, using a regular shampoo on it is not always enough.  Regular shampoos often are not very good at removing dry and dead skin from underneath your beard.  This can make your beard smelly, flaky and rough over time.  If you like to look like a mountain man, a beard shampoo is a must.
  • You are in a serious relationship:  Listen, guys, it’s no fun for a girl to leave a date with a flaky red face because it has been scratched up by a rough beard.  For the sake of the poor girl whose face you are mutilating, use a beard-washing product every other day.  She will love you for it.
  • You are on the market: If you are currently trying to find someone, same deal.  No one is going to want a second or third or whatever number date with you after she meets Mr. Scratchy Beard.
  • You are growing in your beard:  Similar to those with long beards, those who are growing in a thick beard might want to use beard shampoo because the stubble stage is pretty rough.  Using a beard shampoo when growing in your beard will soften the hair and remove dead skin cells.

You probably don’t need a beard shampoo if:

  • You don’t always keep a beard or have a shorter beard:  If you have had a short beard for a long time and plan on keeping it, you probably don’t need a beard shampoo. If you have a short beard the hair is probably not preventing you from washing the skin underneath your beard when using a regular shampoo.
  • You are on a very tight budget:  Beard shampoos are expensive (usually around $15-$25 per bottle).  They are very good for you if you have a longer beard. However, they are, like any specialty grooming product, a luxury.

Beard Shampoos and products to try: