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Charlie Puth Reveals His Every Day Style Fashion Hacks

If you don’t think an outfit can make an occasion, ask an interview candidate and see what they say. What we wear is important. It alters how we think, feel, act, and how people perceive us. The wrong outfit can throw you off your A-Game whereas the perfect outfit can give you the confidence to ask the girl out, but what is the “perfect outfit?” What separates the fashion leaders from the fashion followers? Do you really need to make an effort everyday?

To find out, AXE quizzed music sensation Charlie Puth on how he achieves his individual style, and what you can do to get your look without expensive price tags. Hint: Charlie is a huge fan of thrift shops and shares some fantastic insider secrets on how to make your look feel custom and couture. Charlie also shares his top tips on accessorising, and why he believes shoes can make or break any outfit of your choice. Plus, we have a style hack you can use to make any outfit look good!

AXE Stage Pass – Charlie Puth

There’s more to fashion than suits and ties, but those can be fun too. Check out an awesome video with Charlie Puth to find out why how you wear something is as important as why you wear it. Without owning your style, you won’t feel comfortable or confident in what you wear, and it will show. Instead, take a leaf out of Charlie’s book and find out why vintage tee’s and sneakers can be chic if that’s what you find comfortable, and what he does to take his daily style to the next level.

AXE Stage Pass – Charlie Puth

Watch the video here.

When it comes to your daily style, look at what you do and where you go; this will give you an outline of what you should be expected to wear (if anything). From there, find a way to add a unique twist. Whether you choose to wear a floral shirt to work or chic socks under your boots, those small details speak volumes about who you are and can put a pep in your step. Personally, our wardrobe has to be lightweight enough to put up with the California heat, yet stylish enough to take us from a marina to downtown L.A.

As the weather can change at a moment’s notice, layers are necessary. We like to add a sweater to the mix, to transition from warm to cool. Accessories also play a fundamental role in how we dress. We love matte black and leather accessories for a uniform look. Rather than opt for the expected, and obvious, leather shoes, we like to change things up, and took a leaf out of Charlie’s style book. These retro sneakers add a pop of color and a unique texture that is a great conversation starter.

Get Ready With Charlie Puth Playlist:

  1. Same Old Love – Selena Gomez
  2. Left Right Left – Charlie Puth
  3. Over and Over – Nathan Sykes
  4. Dangerously – Charlie Puth
  5. Baby I – Ariana Grande

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