AXE First Impressions Playbook: The Internship Edition!

When it comes to making a strong first impression, AXE Hair has got your back, Jack! To celebrate your successes this fall semester, check out these hilarious yet informative tutorials, from the exclusive First Impressions Playbook inspired by newly released The Internship starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, that helps you get ahead with her, college, and even your budding career. Enter into a massively awesome sweepstakes with AXE Hair and Walmart at bit.ly/axesweeps, to win more than $5,000 worth of goodies for your dorm room. Plus, Male Standard is giving away a $50 Walmart giftcard that you can use to “get the look she loves,” all you have to do is let us know what video is your favorite, or which AXE Hair tip works best for you, and you could be playing harder this fall!

Rule 73: Compliment Her

One of the easiest ways to get her phone number is to give her a sincere compliment, to let her know your interested. Most girls say that they are interested in dating new guys, especially when they’re in college, but without a clear sign from you that you’re actually interested in her, she might leave the party early, and alone. Don’t be a chump, give her a compliment!

Rule 47: When In Doubt, Improvise

Like life, hair can be unexpected and unruly, especially when you need to perform at your best. The best tip is to know what you’re working with, and always make sure you have neat styling tools like AXE Hair on standby that compliment your exact hair type, so that if disaster should strike, you can turn your morning behead into a work of art.

Rule 34: When The Boss Says “No” Let Your Hair Say “Yes!”

Having great hair won’t land you a job, but it does go a long way in securing a strong, confident first impression. Take a leaf out of The Internship, and avoid horrible hat days by having the right styling products on hand. When you walk into the interview, you need to have the right swagger to win over their support, without frizzy, unruly hair getting in your way!

Rule 11: Be a Man Of Eloquent Words

A man who can express himself is a confident man indeed. You don’t have to be a budding playwright, but thinking first, then talking, is a master trick of the trade. The same can be said for your hair. Think about what you have going on up top before applying product, and we bet you’ll master your style as you’ll know which AXE Hair product shortcuts to take!

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First Impressions Count!

If that wasn’t awesome enough, AXE Hair is also giving away a $50 Walmart giftcard to one lucky Male Standard reader, to kit out their bathroom in style! All you have to do is watch The Internship First Impressions Playbook videos (as shown above), and leave a comment below telling us your favorite part, or new AXE Hair tip!

Check out the rules for making a good first impression with the help of AXE® Styling products and The Internship. Watch the videos here! While you’re on the site, shop for all AXE® Hair products and pick up your copy of The Internship now on DVD!