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Astroglide Presents 8 “Under the Boardwalk” Tips for Romance

The lyrics of the Drifters classic summer song, Under the Boardwalk say, “Ooh, under the boardwalk, down by the sea, yeah…On a blanket with my baby is where I’ll be.” That song is written about summertime magic, where you might meet a special someone by the boardwalk for a fun fling or keep the magic in your relationship.

Check out our 8 spicy tips for singles and couples who want to make summer even hotter:

  1. Couples should always bring a blanket for romps on the beach. While the classic images of a lovers embrace in the surf might look fun, that’s a lot of sand going in private places. A blanket, a large one at that, lets you enjoy some moonlit shenanigans without sand burn. You can always take a dip in the ocean afterwards.
  2. Guys tend to shy away from approaching women on the beach because they could come across as creepy. The wrong approach is to come up to a lovely lady with a bottle of SPF 50 and ask if she needs a back rub. The right approach is simpler. Just come up with a cold beverage and say hi and tell her your name. Sitting down next to her is good, that tells her you’re not there just to ogle.
  3. Singles wanting to meet people at the beach should get active and rent a bike, surfboard, or kayak to show off their athleticism and bodies. People are attracted to those who share similar interests.
  4. If you see a group playing a game, ask if you can join in on the fun. Guy or girl, don’t immediately zone in on the person you have your sights on, they could already be taken by one of the other players. Mix and mingle with the group to see if there’s mutual interest. If nothing else, you might end up with new friends.
  5. Don’t overdo your look. Unless you are visiting parts of the Jersey Shore, you should stay away from hair gel and heavy makeup. The beach is the perfect place for flip flops and  natural glowing skin. Splash in the water and leave the heels at home.
  6. Bring snacks and drinks. It might look desperate if you bring a full bar to the beach and you’re by yourself, but when you’re in a group, it’s always a good idea to grab extras. A good beach scene is a social hangout where you share drinks and hopefully get to know someone better or someone new.
  7. Women should be sure their suits fit well and compliment their best attributes. The right look will give you that boost of confidence to talk to that cute volleyball guy. For men, Speedos should probably stay at home.
  8. Beach bonfires are a great way to build romance. If you’re with a group, then simply walk past the light of the fire for some frisky time. Hopefully you grabbed that blanket…

While summer romance doesn’t always end in everlasting love, it is a great time to explore and have a good time with the opposite sex!

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